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What is SAS (SATA 3)?

Is SAS SATA 3 or something?

Also please check out my other open questions if you know at all of motherboards or hardware.

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    SAS is a Serially Attached SCSI. If you don't know what you are doing, be very very careful, or there will a large electrical discharge, of the sort which is usually followed by Igor saying "Its Alive!".

    Go to and get detailed specifics on equipment, and they even have some hand-holding guides on how to assemble components and make computers and such.

    Don't try to start at the to and build the biggest, baddest gamer PC, with neon lights and water cooling, that operates the security system in your house, your home theater and your home telephone system with extension numbers for all the members of your house that accompany specific ring tones so no one ever answers any call not for him, manages your fax machine to call at midnight when the rates are lower, that switches over to your home voice mail, and even pages your cellphone if the security code is punched.

    Start small. Build a modest desktop or tower system. Don't get fancy, just do it right. You can have a custom made PC that is just the way you like it for less money than the major companies charge, and about one or two afternoons, if you follow directions and have all your components in hand before you start assembly.

    That's as far as you need to go with your first build. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid. There is no need for you to be investigating exotic systems and components until later builds.

    Source(s): I've been a hacker since before hacker was a dirty word, and been in this business since before it was a business, just a hobby for some wacky far-out geniuses who wanted to change the world.
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    SAS is not SATA 3.

    SAS = Serial Attached SCSI

    Uses the same connectors as SATA, any SAS controller can have SATA drives hooked up to it, but SATA controllers will not recognize SAS drives.

    SCSI has always been more of an enterprise solution.

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    SAS is not SATA 3, it's serial attached SCSI. used mainly for enterprise servers. expensive but faster than normal SATA.

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