Have you used Cheat Engine for Cafe World Unlimited Stoves?

Everyone keeps referring to internet instructions that are wrong or they leave out important steps (steps that geeks take for granted can really throw a nubie). Please give detailed instructions on how to use Cheat Engine to provide unlimited stoves, either IE or Firefox. Please use your own experience NOT copied from a URL. For instance when scanning, say if you mean "First Scan" "New Scan" or "Next Scan". When locating the "Process" say if "Window List" should be checked, because if it isn't, only Firefox.exe is listed or should we be looking for something else? If it is checked, Cafe World is listed, and should that be used? It's all in the details.

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    The reason that Cafe World is not listed it's because it does not function as a program from your PC, rather it's from within the browser itself. For that reason, you only need to click on Firefox when using Cheat Engine.

    As far as I know there are 2 cheats that work - the first and easiest is the Speed Hack, which decreases the cooking time so you don't have to wait so long to cook and serve food. To do that, open both Cheat Engine and Firefox and access Cafe World. On Cheat Engine, click the computer icon on the top left and select "firefox.exe" (or another browser that you are using) at the bottom. Once selected, check the "Enable Speedhack" located at the right of the Cheat Engine Window, then drag the cursor left or right to adjust the game speed. It's recommended to not go over 10 or well the game will crash.

    The other cheat that works is the Stove Cheat. Open up your browser, cafe world, and Cheat Engine. Once Cafe World is loaded, go to "Customize" and take note of the number of stoves you have (say 5 of 5 Stoves used, for example). Put that number on the [Value] bar and click "First Scan". Now sell your stove and click the new number at the Value bar and click "Next". Continue until you have three addresses left on the left side of the Cheat Engine window. Double-click each one to move them to the window below. Once there, check each one to freeze them and change all their values to "1" (double-click the number under the value column to change it). Now you will be able to buy stoves within your maximum limit. However, keep in mind that this will still cost you money and sadly, you cannot make money by selling your excess stoves, as it will cause the game to crash and lose everything you have.

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    haha i know what you mean, you might want to asked the admin from this site for a picture http://www.lightchan.com/2009/10/05/cafe-world-che...

    okay let me explain :

    For the process and window list all you need to do just pick your browser that have Cafe World in it ( Firefox / IE) :)

    1. when scanning for the first time you should use the "New Scan" (4 stove)

    2. but after you put the stove to your customize and want to do a next scan then you use the "Next Scan" (3 stove)

    3. after you have 3 or 1 address | value (1) you "Double click it" so it will go down with a Frozen check list, (if you have 3 address with value 1 you should click them all )

    just tick the frozen and move some stove in :D

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