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I pretty much live on cereal <3 Is that healthy?

Mostly anything even remotely similar to honey bunches of oats. Nuts and fruit awesomeness!!.....Is that healthy tho? I still eat dinner, but any other meal or snack...its cereal.

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    Check the fiber & protein content (that's what my nutritionist suggested)

    and my favorite is Fruit at the Bottom yogurt. I also maintain vitamin E & D supplements twice a day. Thank goodness you're being smart about your food intake! Have fun & live healthy!

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    Well, if you didn't eat cereal all the time would you eat 'healthy' food like fruits and veggies? If not, then I don't really see any reason why it is much worse than microwave meals!

    *cheers* Go cereal!

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    you will desire to consume extra beneficial than that. at the start 1500 energy isn't healthful at each and all the undemanding individual desires to consume 2000 or extra an afternoon. 2nd of all, you're in all risk eating extra beneficial than you loose. you won't manage to be eating chocolate each and all the time and pizza on a prevalent foundation. it relatively is critical which you consume healthful to dodge over doing it. we could say you bypass to the gymnasium run for 30 minutes and you burn 3 hundred energy on the treadmill, you come abode and consume 2 slices of pizza that for the time of all risk totals to seven-hundred energy or extra. See what I recommend via eating extra beneficial than you loose? additionally attempt an exercising software, I do the p90x Im doing it to earnings muscle tissues yet there's a rotation in specific for dropping weight. seem into protein powder, i exploit whey isolate when I artwork out through fact it provides me with the proteins i want (52grams of protein according to serving) Do i consume culmination and vegetables? no yet I do consume all organic meals and consume meals that have culmination in them. wish this facilitates you. stable success

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    I am no doctor, but I think everyone thinks that it is important to have a well balanced diet. It seems like eating the same thing everday would eventually be bad for you.

    Source(s): There are a bunch of low car recipes here
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    omg i did the same this summer. i think its healthy, but ur not getting ur fruits and veggies. :(. so i really like bananas in cereal, idk its really good. so if you do that twice its 2 of 4 fruits. then have 2more fruits. then have atleast 3 vegatables a day. u should be fine.

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