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Is there a sure fire way to make your woman squirt?

I know about the "come hither" motion and all, are there any other techniques that would help?

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    OK just make her real hot by stimulating her clitoris and her vagina with 1 or more fingers. You should be able to feel her G-spot "fill up" with fluids. Now go on to stimulate her G-spot, initially she may need an overwhelming stimulus (pace, pressure). Tell her to let go. If she's afraid to pee, let her pee before you get into love making.

    Squirting doesn't just happen to her like a clitoral orgasm. She'll have to squeeze it out, it's an active thing. If she is really exited and feels ready just phuck her with your fingers many times, stimulating her G-spot and tell her to give it all to you while you pull them out. Tell her to push while you do that.

    Things will build up as you two get used to it, make sure you have some towels handy or take her to the shower if it gets real hot. Believe me, "half a teacup" is far far away from what we women can squirt. If you two do this more often, you don't need to put that much effort in it to make her squirt.

    She;ll love you for getting her there, I know I'll love my man forever for helping me discover this so far hidden source of pleasure.

  • Laura
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    5 years ago

    Fingering a women can make her ejaculate but it's not common to do so with a women seens we don't have sperm! It's like pushing a button inside the woman, right at the back and it can make the woman ejaculate aswell as pleasing her elsewhere may help. Sorry if this isnt much help but thats all i know. Caroline :P

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