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Why do we need Prophets (Peace be Upon Them)?

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    We may sum up man’s need for the Messengers as follows:

    1- Man is created and subjugated, and he has to know his Creator and what He wants of him, and why he was created. Man cannot come to know that independently. He has no way of finding that out except through knowing the Prophets and Messengers, and the guidance and light which they brought.

    2- Man is composed of body and soul, His body is nourished by his food and drink, but the nourishment of his soul is that which was explained by its Creator, namely the true religion and righteous deeds. The Prophets and Messengers brought the true religion and taught them to do righteous deeds.

    3- Man is religious by nature; he has to have a religion to follow, and this religion has to be correct. There is no way to the true religion except through believing in the Prophets and Messengers and believing in the message they brought.

    4- Man needs the way through which he may attain the pleasure of Allaah in this world, and reach His Paradise and bliss in the Hereafter. No one can show these ways and guide people to them apart from the Prophets and Messengers.

    5- Man is weak by nature, and there are many enemies lying in wait for him, such as the Shaytaan who wants to lead him astray and bad companions who make evil things attractive to him, and his own self which is inclined towards evil. Hence he needs something to protect himself from the plots of his enemies. The Prophets and Messengers guide him towards that and show it to him clearly.

    6- Man is sociable by nature. In human meetings and interactions, there have to be laws to guide people in a fair and just manner – otherwise the law of the jungle would prevail. This guiding law must protect the rights of all those who have rights, without neglecting or exaggerating in any way. No one can produce a perfect law except the Prophets and Messengers.

    7- Man needs something that will give him security and peace of mind, and guide him to the means of true happiness. This is what the Prophets and Messengers guide people towards.

    From al-Islam Usooluhu wa Mabaadi’uhu, by Dr. Muhammad ibn ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Saalih al-Husaym

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    Although our belief in Allah (swt) is innate, and Allah (swt) has bestowed mankind with intelligence and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and truth and falsehood, Prophets are important in being a reminder to us that Allah (swt) is not abstract. We need role models and leaders to guide us in our decisions and inspire our virtuosity, and we need them as an authority, especially in times of oppression and sinfulness of society. When Allah (swt) asks us why we didn't believe, he would point out the Prophets were among his signs sent to us as warners of the afterlife and we would realize just how ignorant we were.

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    it is not we who need Prophets but it is God who sees the necessity to sent one ,for the guidance of people , after human being corrupted with evils , hope you get the answer

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    to warn us about the last day and that we have to return to Allah (swt) and that we will be accountable for our lives in this world

    and to warn us of the hell fire and give good news of Jannah to the believers

    and how we need to live our lives in this world i.e. for us accordind the sunnah of Prophet(saw)

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    To get the religion started. The rest is available in the Quran.

  • They helped send the message of islam.

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