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Has Microsoft ever ripped anyone else off through Xbox Live?

I know this sounds like a lie, but I would not be writing this if I wasn't curious to know if it had ever happened before.

I logged on to with my account information about a month ago to cancel my Xbox Live subscription renewal. When I clicked on Manage Account, my browser immediatley redirected me to the "purchase a subscription" page. When I tried to close FireFox, it just said "Not responding).

My browser then AGAIN redirected itself to the "Are you sure you want to purchase a 12 month subscription?" page, which mind you costs $50. I'm sure you can predict what happens next.

Of course it redirected yet again to a "thank you for purchasing 12 months of xbox live gold service" page, needless to say, I was rather infuriated. I called Customer Support and was refunded after about 10 minutes of trying to communicate with one of their reps that could barely speak English.

NOW, one month later, my card is again charged for $50 and they are claiming that it was a bank error. I'm going to talk to the bank Monday about it, I have to work this weekend.

My question to you is has anything similar to any of this happened to you?

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    Nope, use Internet Explorer if you can! Or from your dashboard change your subscription type to a SILVER account for Xbox Live.

    Good luck! PS3 online play is free, but there is a reason why and you'll know once you try it. Still, good if you only want to occasionally try online play and don't take it too seriously.

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    Not surprising...I hate Microsoft, all there products break and there customer support sucks.

    That's why I have a Mac and PS3. (BTW if you didn't know already PS3 has free online)

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