I got temporary custody orders but I feel like I wasn't properly represented.?

I asked a question earlier about what to do about my wife who left. Took our son and served me papers after 2x suicide attempts, mentally unstable and lost my career in the Army and a hellish life I went through and I went to court today. My lawyer didn't seem to have my best interest in mind. I feel like while my wife, her attorney and my attorney were bargaining for time and things wanted in the temporary orders. I was in the hallway waiting for my attorney to come back to let me know how the negotiations went. He went back and forth and he didn't listen to what I needed him to do like time of pick up was at the time I would normally be at work and he said it was the law. Later I asked him why he did things the way he did and I felt a lot of things went her way and he told me what is one less marble. I have 50/50, pay her car insurance, she get our son on her schedule, and 10 days to see her dad. Is the reason because I was served by her first? I need to get another attorney but funds are tight. I need to file a complaint as well. I live in Texas so I hope someone is familiar with the state laws. PLEASE HELP! I really want to know why does it seem like she got her needs met and I felt like I was left out. I asked this question earlier but gpt only one response.


I told my lawyer to supeona the therepist but he said he couldn't. I thought that was strange.

Update 2:

I am not whining I do have the best interest of my son in mind. He is not safe wife the bipolar mom who will not stay on her meds instead of smoking pot and leaving him with whomever while she and her girlfriend go out at all hours of the night.

Update 3:

I really appreciate everyone who gave me some good ideas and info. The one who just judged well God will handle your case with the same compassion you showed tonight.

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    I will list several site below that you can submit questions to attorneys for answers. I am not familiar with Texas Family Court Law but most states do allow petitioners or respondents to represent themselves in divorce matters. Being that you have had so many issues you probably need another lawyer. By any means if you feel that your lawyer is not representing your best interests get another lawyer. As far as I know you should have been involved with the mediation of everything and why you were left out is really confusing to me. Was she also left out or was she allowed to attend? Check out the sites below and see what they can tell you.

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    I'm fairly certain that you will have your new attorney file an appeal. If the judge does not support it, then you would have to move up the court system. It is unlikely that you will receive another hearing. I have limited experience in this. My wife has been to court oodles of times over custody and what-not with her ex. This is only the information I have gathered from her experiences. Her court battles have been in Virginia.

    I'm sure there will be other posters on here with more detailed information.

    Source(s): Family experience.
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    The first WHINE says it all, "didn't have MY interest in mind"...NO they don't. The court doesn't care about YOUR interest when it comes to child custody. All the court is interested in when it comes to the child is what is best for the CHILD. The reason things went her way is that you are CLEARLY not mature enough to raise a child. You don't need to get another lawyer, you don't need to file a complaint. What you NEED to do is to get over yourself and grow up. This isn't about what YOU want this is about what is best for the CHILD and you obviously have no parenting skills and you are whining and blaming everyone else.

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    You have your hands full. Unfortunately, Texas is probably one of the worst states for doing things that make sense when it comes children and custody. Be patient and stay on your lawyers a$$ because they will definitely keep you paying them. You are not the only guy who felt that your lawyer is not in your corner.

    Good luck.

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    New lawyer.

    Any chance you called the cops or had her committed after the suicide attempts? Have your lawyer subpoena her therapist or psychiatrist for evidence that she is suicidal. Confirmed mental illness can trump the normal custody battle.

    Get a new lawyer then fire the one you have.

    You only get one shot at this.

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    Don't waste your life in the courts. They will do nothing. My Ex put my kid in the hospital. Nothing wrong with that, or anything else she did. The courts will not make any decisions. It is already over. If you are in the military you lose. If you are not married you lose. If you move out before the custody is finalized you lose. You lost, your kid lost, it is to late to change it. If you try you will end up broken and considering joining Alkida or whatever anti government cult is trendy.

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