coach treats me like he does his wife?

so i already asked this twice. and almost all of the feedback i got was to turn him in to the school, police, ect.

but i don't want to do that, unless he acually tries to do something inapropriate. what if he just thinks of me as a daughter or sister?

i've known him for most of my life, and we have been going to the same church for a long time. he is one of the strongest christians i know. he is completely in love with his wife, and would never do anything to harm their relationship. they just got married about a year ago, but the whole time they dated they were long distance. he doesn't see his wife as much as he would like cuz he is busy with work and coaching, and she is busy with her job and travels a lot. i think of him as my big brother and we're pretty close. this year he is also my science teacher. i go to a small school so i see him a lot.

he always calls me hun, dear, baby, stuff like that. and is always joking and goofing off with me. he always jokingly makes fun of me...especially about boys and stuff. he says he jokes with me the most because i can handle it because i am more mature than the other girls in my class.

he's awesome, but after spending so much time with him and his wife, i feel like he treats me the same as her. he even said that i remind him of a lot of her.

after our games last night he came up and hugged me, he always puts his arm around me and asks how i am doing and is always giving me awkward high fives where he kind of hold my hand until i pull it away.

he always texts me, and told me not to text him cuz he went over on his texts and he said i am the person he texts the most.

there's a lot more too.

i'm not like really freaked out or anything because i'm close with him. but i just kinda started thinking it's kind of weird.

is it just me or does this seem wrong?


i don't think i could acually tell him to kinda cool it off, it would make things insanely awkward. especially because i spend a good amount of every day with him.

any other suggestions? should i just try to avoid him?

and i know people can be fooling, but i've known him for soo long, and i am alone with him often, usually after practice waiting for my parents to come.

usually when we are alone he acts much more mature, and when we are waiting after practice he usually stands pretty far away from me when he talks to me, so it's not like things get weird when we are alone. i try not to be alone with him as much as possible, but my parents are always late picking me up from practice and i'm like the only one on my team that doesn't have my license, because i am the youngest.

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    It is wrong.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's wrong. Imagine if you had a boyfriend/husband who was talking to a girl that much. Think about it from his wife's perspective, wouldn't you be a bit concerned, too?

    Of course you're not going to go to the police, even though that's what you should do. So tell him you need to set up some clear boundaries. Like that you should only hang out when his wife is around, and the texting should probably stop. Start with that and see if he gets the hint.

  • 1 decade ago

    Have you tried to talk to him about it? Tell him you are uncomfortable and do not like the way he acts. If that doesn't work let your parents know. Even still be sure to keep things public, I am studying to be a pastor myself and have seen from different churches where people put on a great facade and fool people, but you need to watch out for yourself, otherwise there could be a lot of trouble. Know that he should know the boundaries, and guys across the board struggle with sexual immorality, do not excuse him, guard yourself...

  • 4 years ago

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