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We are poor so my husband and I had move in with my parents -?

it was nice of them to help us however every time my husband trys to find a job they always make things difficult for example he try ed to get a job and they said no its in a bad neighborhood we don't approve of our son-in-law working in the inner city I mean they criticize everything we do to try to get money and they complain we aren't helping with the family budget and we are desperate for money they say that if we were looking for the rights jobs they would be happy -what should we do? are they trying to keep us there?

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    I'd tell your parents this:

    Mom, dad, we've appreciated everything you've done for us, really. But, we don't have many options and we can't be that picky about which jobs are suitable to youur taste, especially with this economy. I'm sorry we're not helping with the budget, but everytime we look for a job, your so critisizing. Unless you want us living with you forever, you need to let us find a job that suits us, not you. It's not your lifestyle to live.

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    First you didn't say how long you have been in this situation, but I'm guessing 3 to 5 months. My daughter and her husband and child lived with us in exactly the same situation 4 years ago. I remember it was the about 4 months when I first started looking at their circumstances a little closer. Even with all that closeness that goes on, I really didn't want them to move. I guess my wife and I felt we knew what was best for them even though of course we did not. Finally my daughter took the bull by the horns and sat us down and in a respectful way told us how hard this was for them and especially our son-in-law who was really trying hard. It cleared the air, and we all attempted to make the situation better. They left after about 9 months, but we had a deeper appreciation for our daughter and her family!

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    dear Mary:

    it sounds like you need to have a serious talk with your parents. you need to ask them what do they expect from you and your husband. what are they willing to do to help you both get a job, if they are not happy with the types of jobs that your husband is seeking. ask them where do they expect your husband to Look for jobs if not in the inner city? you may have to remind them that you will have to take any job that comes available until the economy improves. ask them if they ARE WILLING TO GIVE YOU LEADS TO BETTER PAYING JOBS.

    have you asked them what you both can do around the house to to help out since you don't have money? Have you both applied for unemployment,if you were fired? have you applied for food stamps to help with food in the house?

    I really don't think they are wanting to keep you there, they are just wanting the best for their daughter and son-in-law.

    do the best you both can to get jobs and get a place of your own ASAP. the sooner you do that the happier you all will be.


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