How do i time contractions?

I was told you're suppose to time them from the start of one, to the start of another, but that didn't make much sense to me, I'm not having any serious pains, i'm hoping they pick up FAST, and that will be enough for me to just "know" when it's time to go in...... or my water will break again (like it did w/ my first son)

With him, i didn't have contractions (that i noticed) until after my water broke, I've been feeling really cramp/gassy (not sure if it's gas or not though)

and been having a little more pain than normal, but nothing super bad or consistent.......

I'm getting so anxious!!!

I'm ready to go into labor & give birth like NOW!!!!

anyway, thanks for your time & help!!

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    You star timing when the contraction begins, when it ends you will know how long it lasted, you then start timing again up till the next contraction that will show you how far is between each contraction.

    When you call your care provider they will want to know how long and how far they are.

    Its a good idea to have someone else time for you though if possible. When a woman is in labour she uses a primal part of her brain and it is that part of the brain which helps the hormones to work corectly to establish labour, every time a woman has to think rationally, answer questions etc... she stops using that primal part of her brain and begins using the neocortex which is an evolved part of the brain which should be put to rest ideally during labour.

    Source(s): Im a Doula and I also used to work on maternity ward as a midwifery assistant
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    Sounds like Braxton Hicks contractions. If they appear to be common, you must leisure and drink a few water. The extra hydrated you're the fewer you're going to have them. If you have been in early exertions, the contractions would not stop, they might simply preserve getting more potent. As a ways as the release, so long as there is not any smell or some thing, it is traditional. Your frame raises vaginal discharge in guidance for supply, it is going to occur by way of the leisure of your being pregnant. The diarrhea used to be usually some thing you ate.

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    get a timer that has seconds. Look at the clock when it starts and count the length of the contractions like how long it lasts for example 60 seconds etc. That tells you the duration of the contractions now to count the frequency then look at the clock when it starts and when it ends and then look at the clock when it starts again for example if it starts at 6 pm then start again at 6:03 then it is every 3 minutes.

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    Yes, you time from when one contraction starts ...... ends, then the next one starts - the time between the start of one, and the start of the next is the timing you are looking at.

    Good Luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are supposed to start from the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next. I know it really does not make sence at all.

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    idk how to time them but u know when the pain hits..I would count from the time it starts to the time it ends then time how long its takes for another one to start idk if thats right but thats what I would do.Good luck

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