my dog nibbles on other people?

i have a 6 month old male pit bull he is very dominant toward everyone but me

i don't know why he don't bites but nibbles on people they get scared and think

he is bit ting them i don't know if its because they are kinda scared of him

because he is a buff strong dog but i need to make him stop i don't want to

get rid of him but if this continues i have to get rid of him i have even

stopped taking him outside when there is people cause im scared of what he might

do he is not like that around me and no he does not control no1 like other people

let their dogs run their house i make damn sure he knows its my house that im

the alfa and that he is just a pet not a human even if that means i have to hit

wit a rolled up news paper to teach him im the boss also don't judge me on how i

race my dog and i know someone is going to say something stupid like "pit bulls are

the way they are cause of people like you . that's why they attack" well lets get

this right my dog ever tries to attack me and i will make him swallow every single

tooth in his mouth im not scared of my dog back to my question soo im thinking

about getting him a muzzle one of them muzzle's that they can have it on and still

drink water and stuff but i don't know if its a good idea

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    Is your pit bull neutered? He's coming of breeding age so if he isn't, hormones can be fueling his dominant behavior.

    Don't give up on him. He's still a pup and very trainable.

    You didn't specify which people he is "nibbling" on. Is it friends that come into the home or people on the street? If it's the former situation, then you'll probably want to make sure your dog is very tired from a nice long walk (pit bulls are very athletic dogs after all) before visitors arrive and be sure to meet them on neutral territory (outside the home towards the end of the walk). Walk inside with them and keep him on leash. Chances are he is showing symptoms of excitement which is causing the nibbling. So don't let him approach visitors until he is calm.

    If it's the latter situation (meeting strangers on the street) don't let him say hello until he is tired. My pit mix used to snap at other dogs on the walk because he just wanted to keep going and not be bothered (and because he was previously used as a bait dog for a fighting ring before I adopted him), so we don't say hello to other dogs until he is tired (after about 3 miles out of our 4 miles each day) and not so fixated on running. If your dog misbehaves (early symptoms usually include a stiff silence or licking of the lips), give an on leash correction, but do not remove him from the situation. If you do he learns that by acting up he can manipulate you into doing what he wants.

    Try using positive reinforcement methods. Have people bring treats or his favorite toy that they give him once he calms down (as to create a positive association with the situation). When he behaves properly, give him something he can chew on (like a Kong toy or Everlasting Treat ball).

    I would not suggest responding to his negative behavior with aggression or anger. Pit bulls are like gladiators so they'll just want to challenge you back. And, just like when dealing with other humans, it's impossible to change the mindset of another while coming from the same state of mind.

    Muzzles make people feel more comfortable than anything else, which is what the dog is actually responding to. However, my pit bull mix gets very upset while muzzled and is more prone to acting out because he feels too vulnerable.

    Source(s): I am an animal rescuer in NYC, a proud pit bull mix owner, currently foster another, and have rehabilitated many others who are now living in happy hopes.
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    ok im alarmed at you hitting your dog , with a new paper. i nthe first place. quit that , thats not good for your dogs nose, further more , you will , get bit by your own dog one day, i call it self defense.

    to your point about your dog nipping people. this is normally

    as the dog matures, a lot of gsd do this around 9ths ,

    you should correct your dog , for this behavior,

    a sharp tone , saying OUT every time he does this with a choke chain ,will at least slow him down

    as for a muzzle. all you will do , is make this dog upset , and guess what , when the muzzle comes off. he will continue to do this .

    one more point, check he getting all his minerals in his diet .

    Source(s): im a dog trainer, i own two gsd, and one dane , may i suggest you find a trainer near you and get him soem lessions good luck
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    Most of the time when a dog is constantly biting something either they are teething, the dog is having gum irritations or tooth problems. You should probably take the dog to the vet so they can at least see if that is the primary problem.

  • hauge
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    it is only their way of attending to appreciate one yet another; speaking & taking part in. we've a chocolate lab, 3 yrs. old, & our daughter has a Chihuahua, 8 mos. old, & you are able to see the way it acts with our Lab to get her interest... ;~)! it is so comical to observe. The toddler does each and every thing achievable, is often leaping up attempting to get on our Lab's lower back to experience, he nibbles her legs & the different area he can attain. talk approximately jealous! Wow! The Chihuahua is waiting to arise on our severe mattress the place the Lab only can't make the climb & he walks around the fringe like some great "King of the Hill." are not they friendly to observe in all their antics!! {Hugs} D:)

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    1 decade ago

    All you have to do is when you see him doing it tell him no and if he keeps doing it get a muzzle.

    Source(s): I have a 2 year old pitbull and he used to nibble other dogs and people then we told him no. It didnt' work. We got a muzzle. It worked because he didn't like it at all.
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    Im just saying it could be an affectionate way to say hello.Im just saying Im not sure.

  • 1 decade ago

    call the Dog Whisperer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    he will get over it

    Source(s): i have a 6 year old dog he got over it when he was about 15 months old
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    jam your foot up his hole

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