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Fish tank size issues, I need help.?

Ok so I have a 30 gallon aquarium and i wanted to clean it out soon. I have an extra 3 gallon tank that has a filter, but I also have a bunch of big bowls. I have 1 giant danio and 5 guppies and I know guppies are not very hardy but giant Danios are so should i put the giant danio in the 3 gallon tank and the guppies in the bowl or should it be the other way around? i plan on cleaning the aquarium over the coarse of a few day possibly.

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    You don't really need to take your fish out to clean your tank, but if you feel you absolutely must, then it shouldn't bother them too much.

    First, drain most of the water using a suction tube. That way they can't really evade the net. Second, remove any large rocks or other things they could use to hide. Anyway, I would put the guppies in the bowls because you can just pour them back into the tank. Otherwise you'd have to chase them with the net again which would stress them out further. And I would put them two to a bowl so they have a buddy for comfort. after putting them back in the tank let them rest for a moment or two then feed them so they can focus on food and forget about the ordeal. They make a solution which increases the slime coating on fish which reduces stress. It's very helpful in these cases.

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    Giant danios are active and big and schoolers. You should put it in the 30 gallon and then get more of them. All your fish should go into the 30 gallon.

    A bowl is a horrible home for a fish and there is not a type in this world that will do well in one, and the only fish you can keep in a 3 gallon is a betta. It's great that you like fish, but now it's time you should learn how to keep them right.

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    Dont remove the fish or empty the tank, it will only stess the fish and mess with the nitrogen cycle.

    Clean the algae, vacum the gravel, change part of the water. Repeat as many times as needed to get the tank back into shape. You can clean it out, doing 50% water changes twice a day if you are keen. Individual ornaments can be removed and scrubbed in clean water if needed.

    But taking the fish out and putting them in bowls for more than a few hours, almost certain to kill them.


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    I can't imagine a Danio being comfortable in a bowl. I think the stress will do it in. Danios typically run back and forth across the top continuously. Seems mean to put one in a bowl.

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    Do not remove the fish from the tank. Not only do you run the risk of their jumping out, but it's an entirely unnecessarily stressful ordeal.

    *Especially if you have not kept up with cleaning I would not recommend a complete water change. The change in water parameters could shock your fish.*

    You should be cleaning your aquarium on a weekly basis by performing partial water changes of about 25% and vacuuming the gravel. By using a gravel siphon to remove the desired amount of water, your fish may remain in the tank.

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