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Cath asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

Do you think RVD will turn up at TNA's "Bound For Glory 5" PPV next sunday?

RVD recently put up a blog on asking fans to vote whether he should return to WWE or go to TNA and *surprisingly* he got a 50/50 response, then WWE took RVD's blog down, since then RVD re-posted it on his Myspace acount the poll closes Wednesday

so does RVD want this answer before Bound For Glory so he can debut?

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    1 decade ago
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    I hope he does. Because back in 2006 Kurt angle quietly debuted in Tna and no one even knew that he was even coming to Tna. So it may be good if he really does. I can really see RVD being in the X-division

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    4 years ago

    i could say the main controversial PPV became into extreme regulations, the ending of the Batista/John Cena final guy status experience.I propose, it wasnt the excellent wrestling experience of all time, yet, it became right into a stable experience with super construct up and storyline, a million of the excellent WWE storylines this twelve months, and that they end the experience with ducktape.they might desire to have enable Cena supply Batista a physique of concepts Adjustment off the precise rope via a wood table to end the experience. i could say that certain for Glory wasnt controversial, yet, unpredicted.No1 concept Hardy could be a member of "they".Heck, no1 concept Hardy could turn heel that night, by ability of any ability.

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