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When do newfies start getting mature?

My 8 month old nefoundland is a hazzard around the children, she jumps and bites hard. I just want to know when she will stop that.

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    She'll stop when you train her to stop

    When you get a dog as large as a Newfie, you really need to know how to train...this dog will become a HUGE liability soon if you do not find a trainer/learn how to train to make the behavior stop.

    Dogs don't just grow out of things they were never taught to stop. Obviously, they tend to calm down with old age, but things like lunging and biting will only stop without training if the dog loses teeth or ends up bad hips/joints.

    Do some research and keep her away from small children (and really people in general) for the time being. Do it now. The older she gets the more difficult it will be to stop the behavior

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    jumping and biting is not something that a dog "grows out of".. you have to TRAIN the dog. At 8 months old, the dog should have been trained long ago.

    Get a dog trainer to help you.

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    oh dear not is all lost ... this is learned behavior , most likely started as a game , at very early on

    you got to get a choke chain , and train the beast ...

    most and i say most biggar breed mature, around 3 years old

    this dog will grow to almost 300lbs ,

    please fids a good trainer near you ,

    this will be a huge problem . sooner than you think

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    She will stop it when she is TRAINED to stop it. You just can't let a dog take care of itself. They don't "grow out" of bad behavior -- in fact, it just gets worse and worse until you have a disaster on your hands.

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    What?! Be a hazzard?? Who is a hazzard anymore?

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    Your dog is going to end up being euthanized...all because you thought that she would grow out of it!

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