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How do I do my eye makeup like this?


I need more specific information than that...

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    1.apply an eyeshadow base or primer (optional)

    2. apply a light gold color all over your lid

    3. take a dark bronze color and put it in your crease (thats the fold of your eye)

    4. take a white-gold color and put it in the inner corner/inner tear duct of your eye (where your eye almost touches your nose)

    5. use a shimmery brown eyeliner and liner your top and bottom eyelid

    6. add some light brown eyeshadow on the bottom of your eye

    7. use a black mascara

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    Sure =)

    1. Take a gold eyeshadow and apply it from the inside corner of your eye to the middle of your eyelid and blend outward.

    2. Then, take a soft brush and blend black eyeshadow from the middle/crease area and wing it out to the sides of your eyes. Keep blending the color until you achieve the desired shade of gold and black.

    3. Next, take a smaller tipped brush and smudge the black eyeshadow just under your lower lash line (outside), and smudge the gold eyeshadow just underneath your lower last line (inside)

    4. Apply a black eyeliner and gently wing it out to the side, following the black eyeshadow.

    5. Apply black mascara.

    Have fun !

    Source(s): I love playing with eyeshadow tricks. personal experience.
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    Step 1: Find a shimmery gold eye shadow- and apply that all around your eye.

    Step 2: Find a Gold or shimmery brown pencil eyeliner and apply that under your eyes.

    Step 3: Find a nice gold or brown ish liquid eyeliner and apply that to your top lid.

    Step 4: Find a Nude or peachy lip gloss.

    And Your done!

    Hope this helps! <3

    Source(s): Im a makeup artist in training!
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    Its a smokey effect.

    Just put gold on the lid and in the corner (the part that leads to your nose from your eye. Its pretty obvious in the pic) and then line your lid with they smokey black shadow leading the ending point of the shadow to the end to of your eyebrow. On the inside of your bottom lid, use a neutral color that matches your skin tone.

    On the bottom of your eye, start from the inside with the gold. From there choose where you want to begin the smokey shadow and end the gold using that. Connect the bottom smokey shadow to the upper lids smokey shadow .

    Piece of cake. Piece of pie.

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    All you need is a gold and dark brown eyeshadow.

    I did a how-to video on a look very similar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcyyNwSZlqY

    Youtube thumbnail

    *all you would have to do is add more gold

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    go to tyrabankshow.com

    she did an episode here she did makeup on a girl like this but in purple, check if you can fid any info on it.

    i dont remember much how to do it

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    i think the gold should be from the side and up and down up more littel bite and than not really dark or hard black at the end (UP) down lieel white not really hard

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    use bronze eye shadow, mascara, light pink lip gloss, peach blush

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