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What exactly is fat from calories?

Lets say a girl eats 1500 cals everyday

wuld it make a dif of wut the fat from calories are?

like a bunch of sweets/junk that adds up to 1500 cals

opposed to salads, fruit, veggies, and a wholewheat sandwhiches that add up to 1500 cuz its less fat calories

will it make u gain more weight from the junk food one? or the same as the healthy one?

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    Let me ask you this:

    If you ate 1500 calories worth of candy, how would you feel? Better yet, how full would you feel? Chances are you'd have to eat more food on top of the 1500 calories of candy because 1) you'd be starving and 2) your body would be screaming for nutrients (which candy has none).

    You should not get more than 25% of your daily calories from fat. Why? Well, again with the previous experiment, eat 1500 calories of just lard every day for 2 weeks. See how much weight you gain. Your body can only process so much fat in the diet - anything more than what the body can handle gets deposited as fat stores, hence, you will gain weight.

    Salads, fruit, veggies, etc. not only will give you the nutrients you need, but keep you feeling fuller while not encouraging fat gain. Plus a balanced diet will help you retain muscle (because nobody likes a flabby skinny person).

    Source(s): I'm a bodybuilder.
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    The types of foods you eat will be metabolized differently. Eating 1500 calories of junk food and processed foods and carbs will cause insulin spikes and will make you hungrier and feel less energetic, which will make eating just 1500 calories of junk harder to do. High proportions of fats, especially bad fats, are not only generally bad for you but without a good proportion of your diet being from healthy whole grain carbohydrates, you'll find yourself struggling to stay full and in result - eating more than 1500 anyway!

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    Fats, or lipids, are nutrients in food that the body uses to build nerve tissue (like the brain) and hormones. The body also uses fat as fuel. If fats that a person has eaten aren't burned as energy or used as building blocks, they are stored by the body in fat cells. This is the body's way of thinking ahead: By saving fat for future use, it plans for times when food might be scarce.

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    No it doesen't matter what u eat all that matters is your total calories. I could go on a krispey cream diet where I eat one krispy kream donut a day and that's it and I would lose mad weight. However I would burn muscle first before fat so that wouldn't be good :p But yeah number of calories is all that really matters

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    yeah u wanna be fit not fat so good healthy foods coming from protein/complex carbs.

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