Can I still get a ticket for something after being issued only a warning?

I live in NJ and got pulled over the other day for driving in the left lane on a highway where we could only be in the left lane to pass. Instead of giving me a ticket for it, the cop only gave me a warning. However, he did give me a ticket for "obstruction of view" (violation 39:3-74) because I have a 2 inch mini-statue of Buddha on my dashboard. It doesn't obstruct my view at all, and I actually looked up violation 39:3-74, and it says that we can't have any objects on our windshield, but doesn't mention the dashboard.

I'm going to go to court to fight this, but my question is that if I go to court, can they still hold the fact that I was driving in the left lane against me? Or is it that since I already got the warning, it is too late for them to give me a ticket on it? It wasn't just a verbal warning, they gave me a paper along with my ticket citing the warning. So i'm just wondering whether they can still hold this against me if I go to court to fight the obstruction of view?

Thank you.

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  • Rudy
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    1 decade ago
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    NO in court they will only cover the ticket that you received. The warning is done and over with.

    The other guy that answered is full of crap and does not know what he is talking about

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