Can auto dealer keep my truck, title & money if they loaned me a car til they find me one, I want mine back!?

I went to Excel Pre owned wanting to trade my truck. I don't have perfect credit, but they claim they found a lender willing to work with me. They didn't have anything that suited my needs but would loan me a car (which i made it clear I have a spinal injury and need a truck that doesn't sit low) til they found me something that would work for me. They made me give them my title, truck, & down payment. I did not sign the title or anything except a paper that stated I borrowed the car and if anything happens to it, I have to pay the dealership for it. I have only had the car since this morning and I hate it and want my truck, title, and money back. Do they have to give it back or can they keep it from me? What can I do if they refuse to give it back? I'm low income and can't afford a lawyer.


UPDATE: I went back to the dealer, asked them very politely for my truck, title, & money. They were disappointed, but did not give me any problems. They returned my things. I went somewhere else & got a small 4 door truck I'm happy with. Thank you all very much for your advice!! It was quite helpful.

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    They must give you back your truck, title and deposit in full since no deal was ever made on any vehicle. They strong-armed you into leaving everything with them to assure themselves of a sale. But they have no legal claim over any of your property.

    Return the car and demand everything back. If they refuse or want to charge you a fee for use of the car, which I assume is not specified in the Borrowed Car Agreement, call your local sheriff or marshal. They handle unlawful property detainment in practically every county in the US.

    Source(s): Me. new car sales manager for over 30 years
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    I would go to that dealership and be very calm and state why i am there and what i want .. if not i would raise hell and maybe go to the police if they don't come around .. they know thier rights better than you do so if they have no right to keep the money and the truck they will give it up.. has nothing to do with doing the right thing for them ... they are crooks to start out with

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    If the title is still in the dealers name contact the dealer. They may be able to correct your title. Only the person named on the title can correct a title. Bills of sale, sworn statements witnessed by 15 notaries mean nothing.

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    What I would do in your case is contact The BBB and file a complaint but talk it over with them first to see what your option are.They may be able to help you out in this case.They should be able to tell you where you stand on this matter and may be able to get a law suit started.And if you need a lawyer there are plenty out there that can help you get one for possibly free if you can't afford one.You can go online to the and file a complaint in your

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    tough call.

    You pretty much let then use & abuse you.

    The more noise you make the better chance of getting your truck back. Your money is gone. They wont refund that.

    What you did is walk in a pool of sharks, cut a major artery and say "come & get me". And they did just as you asked.

  • ken k
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    i dont know about the money(thats your fault) but the truck is yours take it back/get cops if nec/if you have not signed its yours/cant figure out why you trust anybody except your mother and keep a good eye on her

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