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Newfoundland problems?

My newfie is 8months old and still jumps/attacks the children she sometimes even bites really hard. i don't know if she'll grow out of it or not so i need some advise please.

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    Training and persistence

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    You're waiting for your dog to grow out of being aggressive enough to attack/bite your children? Where is your common sense!

    If you don't at least talk to your vet about this, you should contact a trainer and have your dog evaluated. He will likely need special obedience lessons.

    Dogs need a leader, a boss. If the human in the house doesn't take that role, all the humans in the house, then the dog will take it. This situation is already getting out of control and it's likely someone will get hurt.

    In addition to the dog needing obedience, it's obvious the family needs it too, in order to learn how to be good owners and leaders to this dog.

  • Julia
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    The dog needs some training. Obviously you don't know how to do it, so take her to a professional.

    It is NOT normal or OK for any dog (regardless of age or breed) to jump or attack a human. She doesn't know the rules, and as her owner it's your job to teach them to her.

    She won't grow out of it. She needs to be taught out of it.

  • Feisty
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    You need to train your dog. They don't just "grow out of it".

    Contact a trainer in your area IMMEDIATELY.

    Frankly, you're damn lucky you haven't been reported to the police. This could easily lead to your dog being deemed dangerous and possibly put down.

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    the first time it attacked the children you should have taken it to a trainer or have gotten rid of it.

  • Anonymous
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    Yep...that's it...dogs just grow out of bad behaviors.


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