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Senior citizens what can I do to alleviate the cold when planning on stay in the outdoors for a few days?

I am talking about 20-35 degree nights and that is not including the wind chill


I will be carrying some equipment but there will be no tent

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    Dress to match the Temperature and do not go for long periods of time without eating. Hot meals are a plus. My animals do well out in the cold weather if they have plenty to eat and keep their belly's full.

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    I would be bringing some spicy food, spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and cloves (and others) help increase circulation and warm the body. I have been using ginger for that for over 15 years now. A cup of hot spicy chai tea is always warming for me. When I was in Morocco last winter I was served a variety of warming foods. For breakfast in the rural areas there was a cooked cereal (wheat or corn) and it had a few cayenne peppers cooked in it. And every hour or two the women would offer me a spiced drink such as ginger coffee, both of those really helped on the coldest days with no heat.

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    Are you going on a stake out? Layer your clothing & keep our head covered. Take some of those pocket hand warmers that you just smack & crush to get some heat. Bring a nice little propane heating device to keep your coffee or other hot drinks on hand! You should bring a small tent or nylon "tarp". They don't weigh that much. What's another pound when you are carrying 30 kilos on your back anyway? lol!

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    Are you going to be in temper mountains, above tree line many factors to figure in. I have panned for gold from the desert to mountains in Colorado.

    Warm socks

    lace up shoes

    thermo under ware

    wool hat or equivalent

    Artic sleeping bag.

    energy snacks

    try the site below

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    Layer your clothing and think water proof. A sleeping bag with plenty of insulation and also water proof. Good boots and sox with snow mobile mittens. Mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves.

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    Bring along some warm hearted democrats

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    Sounds like hunting season. I would wait until Spring.

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    Dress warmly.

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    A good sleeping bag, duh!

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