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coolest cars under 20k?

shopping for a cool car under 20k (the higher the better, it's not my money) doesn't really NEED to be fast, but it needs to at least look fast, and actually being fast would be nice too. and stock only, no "buy a beater and put crap in it" stuff. needs to handle wonderfully, the more get-up-and-go the better. and i have a warm place in my heart or anything european, the best i found so far was a 01 boxster. is that as good as it's gonna get or do you have any suggestions or ideas?


i could probably squeeze a couple grand out for the new camaro, but it's a little muscley for my taste, and i looked for bmws, pretty much all i found was early 90's, i cant stand the way they looked back then, but i did find an 05 330i, i just might buy that

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    How about any older BMW? E46 is a very flashy looking car, and if you should be able to find an E46 M3 for under that price range.

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    Used Honda Civic Si Coupe.

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    cameros are pretty cheap. i think it may b a little over 20k though.

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