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new panic attack help plz?

About 3 months ago, I had my first panic attack. I don't know why. The next time I had one, was when I smoked weed with a couple friends while driving, but i don't smoke like I used to. But I'd never had a panic attack smoking before, I used to smoke everyday a year ago more than once a day sometimes, and I've never experienced this. The next time I had a panic attack was when I started school a couple weeks ago. I felt fine on my way there, but after 5 minutes of being there, I started breathing heavy, felt extremely nauseas, felt like fainting, could hear my own heart beat, and my hands were sweaty. I used to be so social with people and i could say anything I wanted to anyone, and now I can't even talk to strangers. I didn't end up going back to school, in fear of having another attack. The next attack was the next day after school when I was thinking about getting in the car with my friends who I'd driven with before. I had to have my sister give me a ride to where I was going because I was so nervous. I started going to therapy again and learned some deep breathing exercises, but they don't really help. Fortunately, I'm going back to school in a couple days, but I'm very nervous to go because I may have an attack. Can anyone tell my why I am having attacks all of a sudden and how I can prevent or help them?


i am 19 by the way..

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    So, your anxiety problem went a little too far. You’ve experienced the rapid heartbeat, pounding head, loss of breath, and overwhelming sense of panic that comes with an anxiety attack. Now all you can think about is figuring out, "how do I overcome my panic attacks?" Luckily, there is help out there. You don’t have to put up with this anxiety disorder forever.

    Never lose hope in yourself. You can overcome your panic attacks if you really want to. A good resource to help you for this

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    How old are you? I first started having panic attacks at about age 20. You may have a chemical embalance. It is good that you are seeing a therapist, however I would go to a psychiatrist if I were you and get on an anti anxiety medication. They can be very effective.

    As for smoking weed, panic attacks can happen. If you smoke too much you can have a bad trip. You can read more about it at :

    Good luck. Panic attacks are hard to deal with, but they WILL get better. Medication can REALLY help!

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    You are stressed out which it is pretty normal. Your having a panic attack because you are worrying about something. You think too much when your not supose to.

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    axiety does not allways come from stress. it can be how your brain balances things. panic attakcs can be the worst 15 minutes of your life, but honestly it does go away even when you think it wont it will. i would go see a doctor. they have great medicine that works perfectly. smoking merijuana can permantly give you panick attacks and other mental ilnesses.

    Source(s): i go to washu medicine school
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    I were going to a gymnasium for type of four years to maintain mine below administration until eventually the social scene gave me panic assaults...long, brisk walks help. laying off the caffeine...Celexa and Lexapro are rather sturdy for this form of problem, yet I additionally take no prescriptions. i don't sense risk-free, no remember what, and that i awaken interior the midst of the nighttime or grow to be dizzy for the period of the daylight hours. i don't understand who to talk to who can tell me what i'd desire to appreciate to allay my fears. i'm additionally a sufferer of BPD. sometimes i don't understand if i will take the guilt and panic and bouts of low self esteem, yet I save attempting to push myself. Being constructive to others and making rounds to admired bookstores and cafes to stay in touch with others on a customary foundation sometimes facilitates. i'm lonely with assorted those people around me. i think cutoff and unable to start and style sturdy and long-lasting relationships...i'm petrified of persons who're on my father's area of the kinfolk who would attempt to locate me to get even for various the destructive issues he has carried out to others for the period of his lifetime...attorneys won't talk w/o being paid. The covert area of politics and the government might rather push issues below the rug...and that i don't decide for to would desire to get married to a pair guy with the intention to be risk-free in this society...He had assorted money and grow to be a thirty third degree mason and grow to be a veteran of the united statesmilitary. He had very a bad previous...i'm afraid no remember what all and sundry else says...Makes me look like slightly a nutcase, and that i'd desire to maintain each and every thing interior. BC

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    panic attacks are caused by underlying stress. is there something(s) that may be causing you to worry alot? try to really release all of the stress you are feeling.

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