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Do you like what they have done to vampires?

Do you like the "Edward Cullen" type vampire?


The Dracula type vampire.

I personally think Twilight has ruined vampires. Thats why im ulta-hyped for Cirque Du Freak (The Vampires Assistant)



Id like to know your opinion.

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    To me they seem to have "queered" them up. With pretty boys and the new 90210 look kind of depresses me. I miss the old style evil style vamp. Lost Boys set the mark for the teen anger vampire movie but kept the classic style. Of course I'm old so what do you expect.

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    I agree! Twilight vampires are seriously a mockery of them. They sparkle! what is that all about?! I love the Cirque Du Freak vampires. They strong and are more like humans. They actually start to look weathered from all the fighting, they have enough sense to know that you don't need to sparkle to get blood, you just need to be sneaky. They could kick any Twilight vampire's butt! Cirque Du Freak has the best vampires and is the best series I've ever read. I'm seriously excited about the movie! I can't wait! Just 2 more weeks! Whoo!!

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    I HATE what they have done to vampires. I don't care what they say those are not real vampires and never will be. Dracula all the way, so much more interesting and authentic. Twilight was meant to be something light for teen girls. I like Edward but he isn't a hardcore vampire. The Vampires Assistant looks even lamer than twilight was and almost like a parody. But what do i know? I'll give it a chance since you say its good.

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    Yeah nothing beats the old Dracula style of vampire. Dark and evil. Its just unfortunate that hollywood always seems to screw things up in some movies. Twilight i wouldn't even bother watching it..Vampires aren't meant to be in a romance film lol..I do like werewolves better though and thought it was great in underworld rise of the lycans how they combined the two together in one story. Looking forward to WOLFMAN coming out next year looks unreal.

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    I agree about the Dracula type vampire. Vampires are supposed to have angst in them, and terrify people... and fight Werewolves even- I do admit, I'm a huge fan of the Underworld series.

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    I'm not a big fan of Dracula but I absolutely abhor Twilight Vampires. Real vampires don't sparkle I rest my case there. I really like vampires from mangas. The ones from Vampire Knight are amazing and beautiful but have flaws. Aidou for example is hot and spontaneous but not to smart and attention hungry. He also has poor impulse control. He has a good middle balance. Funny but serious.

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    As with Humans, Vampires exist in various forms and social types, so I will try to answer your question in a most general way. I will describe a typical, real Vampire to you in the Los Angeles, California area. You might think the classic all black clothes wearing Hot Topic, Gothic style/Emo Kid as the wanna be accepted social version, yet that is only a contradiction as a cultural reference. Most Vampires in California, and there are nearly 3 million, consist of both conservative and liberal aspects of society, they include, doctors, politicians, musicians, law enforcement officers, actors, military and more, the interesting thing you should know about them is that if you are ever in the presence of a true Natural Born Vampire (NBV), a Sanguine convert (blood drinker), or a Psychic Vampire (Psi-Vampire), you will almost certainly not be aware of their absolute essence. Anonymity is the key to longevity. In most Vampire cases the human subject can be Vampirically infected, via technology based genetic initiation, or a Vampire can have inherited the rare DNA recessive gene causing the activation of the mutated strain before birth. In my case, I live a fairly simple life, I prefer not to drink blood so I suppose you can make an educated guess as to what type I might be regarding Vampires. I do not subscribe to a particular distinction of behavior or attitude regarding my true nature. I prefer to be alone without human or Vamps in my presence for the simple fact I can be easily bored by non-progressive relationships, and the so-called moral concepts in our society are a blatant misrepresentation of truth to me regarding love, but if you want that happy marriage with the picket fence complete with the kids, dog and station wagon, I say go for it. A real Vampire could never pretend to live that way for more than 20 or 30 years at best, so it is superfluous to keep pretending to live like a "Normie". Self deception is not a key to any beings survival. When most Vampires realize what they are, there is a moment of either fear or immediate acceptance.If you apply the Judaeo-Christian mythology references to a Vampire, only fear and revulsion can emerge, then a classic malformed demonic personality will take its place in the Human world causing nothing more than misery, destruction and death. Remember this, even though they are inherently dangerous, Vampires do not threaten other countries with nuclear, biological, or chemical warfare weapons, man does, and in that version of truth, Human are infinitely the more dangerous creature on the planet. Over the years, I have quietly lived as a US Military initiated Psi-based Vampire, I am just a remnant of the Cold War experiments (not my choice), but I do have hope there will be a cure for this medical affliction or genetic malfunction someday. However, if Human society ever accepts or acknowledges Vampires as a separate species of Homo Sapiens, there will still be ignorance and bigotry to contend with. I think overall, the very existence of what is known as Humans, Werewolves, Vampires, Angeles, Demons, Big Foot, Extraterrestrials, etc, is hilarious to me in every way. I can see the great Universal Joke and I hope you take the time to think about it and laugh with me because if these beings really exist, they might as well try to help the 6,602,224,175 Billion souls on this planet, we all know Humans are not as innocent as they pretend to be, and some mistakes over time can end a civilization completely. What do I do everyday? Everyday, 7 days a week, I wear a tailored suit to work, a 9 to 5 job that I love, I am physically stronger, I can dance better, run faster, see farther, hear more, solve the most complex equations, and master every aspect of life with a sense of humility and wisdom I hope you can obtain without having the Vampiric cross to bear as I. If you want to know more, you know how to find me, even Vampires use Myspace and Facebook, because we get as bored as you do.

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    yo cirque du freak is awesome but there messing up the movies they mad mr C so cool and Darren's friend dose not become a vampire in the first movie i hated them in on the 5th book now but i what to fin it i read the book every day to find out about the vampanze king and the vampire war that's suppose to happen and i think

    Kurda dies by darren no shure yet

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    Stephanie Meyer should be banned from ever writing again for what her books have done to the vampire movie genre.

    Cirque du Freak looks promising, though. Maybe it was get things back on track.

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    I agree with you mister. Dracula is just so sexy and irresistible. I love him. But then at the same time hes that freaky vampire.

    lol i don't really like twilight. Id rather get comfy on my couch and watch an original vampire movie.

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