When I'm older I wanna get a tattoo on the back of my neck of a heart. Not a big one or anything. I told my mom one day that when I'm 18 I wanna get one, and she got all mad saying I'd regret it and I should 'damage my skin.' I mean, its my body ,how can I get her less mad about that I want one?

Its not like I'm getting every inch of my skin pierced or a tattoo that says F*** Moms! or whatever.

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    1 decade ago
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    simple solution answer babe.......... you might not wanna hear this or you might who knows if you have the rebel streak but it looks like your gunna need it

    the answer ........ bugger what she thinks do it anyway ! (it sounds harsh but its not .........fair is fair..... its your body and your an adult at 18 so its fighting for your right)....... when your 18 you can do whatever the hell you want and there is not a thing your mum can do about it ..... just remember to take id when you go for the tat.... as im guessing your mum wont be there (u don't want any complications) ...... i mean its not like your getting anything massive anyway

    oh yea and just for the record (you probably know anyway) but your mum is tryng the 'scare tactic' usually happens when she doesn't want her 'iccle baby girl 2 grow up' lol done at the right artists getting a tat is completely risk free so no worries on damaging skin

    good luck and i really hope the tat turns out just as you like it :) (welcome to the rebels side , we have cookies)

    Source(s): im 19 i have more tattoos than i care to count .... but my parents were cool with it .... not that they had a choice anyway....... but i guess i have a cool mum anyway .. she likes the same music as i do so she understands :)
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    Now I'll reply the ones,however you have got to too! What was once your first tattoo? A center When did you get yours? thirteen. If you do not have one,do you desire one? What variety of tattoo do you desire?Stars on my shoulder. How many do you might have?a million Where do you might have one?On my left palm. :] PIERCING IS BETTER

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    1 decade ago

    Let her get mad now, then when you turn 18 just get it. Like you said you only want a small heart shaped tattoo.

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    1 decade ago

    well, if you have to wait til your 18 dont mention it. my parents were really strict about that kind of thing but now i have my nose pierced and two tattoos and they could care less.... plus, since you have to wait til your 18 you might decide on something different. dont worry about it, if thats what you want to do, and you have your mind made up then do it when you turn 18, dont stress your mom out about it now ya know :)

    good luck sweetie.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lolzz Yeah i get what u mean Yull never change yur momz mind

    Jus go for it and she'll get use to seeing u that way lolzz shes your mom she will alwayzz love u no matter what soo ha u win either way lolzz

    Source(s): Me ;)
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    1 decade ago

    Worry about it when you are 18. Why would you cause angst for you and your mom way before time?

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    1 decade ago

    well. it does damage your skin :P and it hurts allot. and takes like a month or 2 to heal... and u look stupid 5 years later when its faded and then 50 years later when you have a shrivelled thing that looks like an upside down azz on your neck.

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