think i just lost my mucus plus.?

it wasnt bloody but it was like a creamy color. i was just wondering what it looks like exactly and how long after loosing it i will go into labor. im already 2cm 70% effaced and stationed at -2. what do you think?


i am also 37 weeks pregnant and 2 days

Update 2:

i have already went into labor once before and they stopped it at altmost 35 weeks...i was on procardium to stop the labor and i was takin off 3 days ago...

Update 3:

last night i went to use the bathroom and some more snooty lookin stuff came out but sister looked...(gross but ya know) she said it was it.

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    "Rumors seem to abound when it comes to what it means to lose your mucus plug. While there's hardly a pregnant woman out there who doesn't wonder when exactly she will go into labor, the appearance of the mucus plug does not answer this question with any certainty. That said, loss of the mucus plug is often the first sign that labor is approaching. Before you make a mad dash to Labor and Delivery, however, remind yourself that many women do not go into labor for a week or two after this event. In fact, if you are full term--which almost by definition means that you'll be welcoming your new baby within the next few weeks--there is usually no need to even make an after-hours call to your practitioner.",1510,5901,00.html

    I'm 37weeks and am 3cm 80% and -1...these measurements aren't a good guide as to when labor will happen...just means less work to do at delivery time. Mucus plug can be lost gradually or all at once, but again labor could still be 1-2 weeks away.

    That being said I still have my fingers crossed for you as well bc I know I'm ready!!

    Source(s): expecting #3 and hoping for any day now!!
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    Mine looked like something I sneezed out if I had a horrible sinus infection, lol. It was SUPER thick and sticky, and sort of yellowish tinged.

    How soon you go into labor really can't be forecasted. :) I lost mine in pieces over the course of a few days, and my labor didn't start for about a week afterward.

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    Ohhh sounds like your well on your way. Mine was just how it sounds, mucusy and the same color as your describing. I was loosing mine for about 2 days (it never came out all at once) and continued loosing it until I went into labor....

    Thats not the case in every situation but it sure sounds like a good sign :) Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new baby

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    Well I have had six children, My best advice always call doctor let him know of any changes you have.Each person is different you can go in a few days or a few weeks .I remember when it happened to me .I didn't even know what it was ,but I soon found out ,good luck .have a nice healthy baby

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    from what iv heard losing your mucus plug cant determine how soon you'll go into labor,it could be weeks later. i just lost mine last night and im not dialated or effaced at all.

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    I am 39 weeks pregnant and I nonetheless have no longer misplaced it. My physician stated that she's going to deliver me cervidel after which result in me 12 hours later. I wish to have this child earlier than thanksgiving!!

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    umm yeah it definitly sound like it! are you having cramping from your back like kidneys all the way around to your ovaries? like a period? thats what it felt like when i went into labor, you might need to get to a hopsital quickly if you start having contractions it will feel like someone is pulling at your pelvic muscles and lower back really tight and holding them for a second and then letting them go slowly. my bet is you willl be having that baby within the next 24 hours if that is your mucus plug!

    Source(s): 7 year old son and another one due in 25 days
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    Sounds like it, you can google it in google images and get an idea of what color they are and what they look like, its gross but atleast you will have an image, Ive seen them on there and some are creamy colored.

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    if your bags are not already packed better do so. if it was you will go into labor very soon. they usually say about 72 rest up and congrats

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