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what are the consquences for not paying back a social security check?

i was recieving SSI check and i was told itwas back pay for the previous month now social security is asking for it back cause my dad passed who i was reicieving beniftsfom, but he was alive the month prior to the check being issued... so i want to know what should i do

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    You should sell yourself to a pimp to become a prostitute. You'll be able to pay them off really quickly.

  • Jan
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    1 decade ago

    SS checks are issued for the month previous to when you received it. If the person died the previous month,they are not entitled to benefits for that month.

    If they are saying they over payed you,you have to pay them back. If not,they will get a judgment against you.

  • Paul
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    1 decade ago

    they will go after his estate and the one who cashed it

    they will spend way to much money getting the meager bucks your dad

    estate should have ~but they will make a point of prosecuting you and

    they will get their penalty payments but unless their was fraud they won't

    put you in jail~~but don't count on leniency

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    Why don't you be an adult and call them ...

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