so im really not sure what to buy! i like to play online like a lot! i heard you pay on the 360 on the ps3 u dont. they say a lot of games are comming on ps3. soooo give me facts which one is better 10 points and a thousand thanks

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    When u play online in this,this is the same as 360 and its free.(microsoft charges a monthly/yearly fee),usb chargable controllers(dnt need AA battries like xbox)...internet browser.

    (Blu-ray,Games are awesome.Upcoming titles are mostly AAA titles and has more AAA exclusives than any other console.Has more diversity.Exc.Games on it have more realistic graphics.Cuz of blu-ray technology They got bigger games for example:Uncharted 2:Among Thieves (25GB)(coming in this year,already the highest rated exclusive game of this gen. on metacritic),MGS 4 (50 GB)....these two are on the list of highest rated games of this generation.Killzone 2,Infamous,God Of War III,Final Fantasy Versus XIII,Gran Turismo 5,LBP,Resistance 2,MAG (256 players in one map.LAG FREE FPS).Ratchet and Clank Future series,Folklore,Valkyria Chronicles,Uncharted Drakes Fortune,Heavy Rain,The Last Guardian,L.A Noire,The Agent (Rockstar Excl.PS3 game),The Agency (Upcoming Spy MMORPG),White Knight Chronicles,Twisted Metal for PS3,Dark Cloud 3,Shin Megami Tensei Persona 5,Demon Souls..and thats not even the whole list....Much much more.I guarantee you.Shooters on this great.Warhawk,MGO,COD4 u go play 16 players,right well Resistance 2- 60 players online,Killzone 2- 32 players online...and Killzone 2's graphic is the best graphical game on right after Crysis.KZ 2 runs on dedicated servers so u not gonna lag.Plus PS 3 is the only console that can do 1080p HD graphics.Exclusive on PS3 is exclusive on PS3,no PC ports or 360.)

    Xbox unreliable hardware wise.Most popular games on 360 are multiplatforms PC and PS3 (f.e : GTA IV,Modern Warfare,Fallout 3,Bioshock,upcoming Modern Warfare 2,Bioshock 2,Assassins Creed 2 ...all on PS3 as well).(They only have Halo and Gears,thats it.).There are so much shooters on 360.Not much to do.Overheat,makes a noise like vacuum.scratches its own disk.Exclusive games on 360 goes to PS3 ,one time or another (Exclusive Bioshock went to PS3,Star Ocean 4 said excl. but went to PS3,Tales of Vesperia went to PS3 with bunch of new contents,Eternal Sonata went to PS3 with new contents,Ninja Gaiden 2 went to PS3 with new contents....etc.PS3 cant go to 360 cuz it cant handle it.For example:MGS 4...Anyone who says MGS is on 360 is a douchebag fanboys.MGS didnt gone to 360.Stop spreadin lies.).

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    Don't listen to the other comments most of them are misinformed fanboys. So, yes Xbox live is better than playstation network, reasons: you can have party chat with people who are playing different games than you, and from your friend list you can invite anyone to your chat, it is NOT better for online gameplay PSN and XBL have equal online gameplay. Another thing that was mentioned was ps3s blu-ray, and alot of people say it only let's you watch bluray movies so it doesn't really matter, but that was not the reason Sony put it in the ps3. The reason they included it was for the extra disk space or ps3 exclusive games, for example, MGS4 is a ps3 exclusive and it uses the full 50 gigs of blu ray disk, the xbox wouldn't be able to have a game that size because the DVD it uses only holds 8 gigs. Also some people say "xbox has better games" or "ps3 has better game" but that's just opinion. Ps3 has a few more upcoming titles and xbox has a few more current titles but it's not a significant ammount, I personally prefer the ps3 titles and my brother prefers the xbox titles, so just watch preveiws of exclusive games or look them up at ( a website that shows the average of all reviews) and decide which ones you think you would like best. Hope this helped.

    Source(s): And also mgs4 is NOT coming to 360, but the next mgs, MGS: Rising will be multi-platform
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    New Games On the Xbox360 (Left4Dead 2,Assassins Creed 2,Bioshock 2,Call Of Duty Modern WarFare 2 Ect.)Also The UP Coming Project Natal for the xbox to play anygame with perfect motion sensor and interaction, Which Will wipe out the Wii,

    Online for the Ps3 Sucks No Really good Exclusive games

    You Do have to pay for the xbox360 online yes but it is by far the best

    So I say An Xbox360 elite.

    Source(s): Been A Member Of XboxLive For 4 years
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    Xbox 360 has incredible online gameplay. It has the games ps3 has and more! Of course ps3 can connect to the internet wireless connection but its hard to find connections and 360 just hooks up with a modem. Graphics on the ps3 are better than 360 although both are incredible a true gamer doesnt care about graphics. 360 has a larger variety of games the ps3 and you can rarely find used ps3 games to buy and games are more expensive! Xbox 360 is more customizable and both have download content like videos,movies ect... but 360 lets you create a realistic avitar. Playstation is all about gaming, Xbox 360 is about family, friends, and gaming. 360 is better.

    Source(s): opinion
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    PLEASE Dont listen to those 2 first fools they are retared NO MGS4 is not coming to the 360. COD modern warfare 2, bioshock,aasssins creed 2 ARE COMING FOR PS3 AND 360 YOU DAME FOOLS. Ps3 has way better games. it is blue-ray 360 is a CD hw cud u not like blue-ray it cud hold up to 50gb PLEASE

    Uncharted 2

    resistance 2


    killzone 2


    Littble big planet

    motorstorm pacific

    dirt 2

    god of war and much more here

    ps3 has bulit in wif so no more buying some UFO **** for 100bucks just to get a connection and for ps3 online is free so no god dame 60 bucks a month. and ps3 has 3% failure rate 360 has 54%

    ps3 is better in every way

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    x box 360 has better online play so far the ps3 is dismal so far in that aspect

    grapohics about the same on most games

    ps3 has blue ray but i dont really like that

    360 has greater selection of games like gears of war and halo

    ps3 has lost metal gear solid and final fantacy as both are joining with 360 as well now

    so xbox360 in my opinion hope this helped

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    if all you want is a game system go xbox 360 but if you want a blu-ray player free online and some kick *** games then go PS3 just saying

    Source(s): i have one
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    Xbox 360 elite better in every single aspect

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