How can I get him to commit?

I have been going with this man for almost 3 years now and I love him very much and he knows that. I tell him all of the time, but he doesn't tell me. I do believe that he cares a great deal for me. We get along pretty well for the most part--every once in a while we have an argument-just normal stuff. And I do everything for him and I mean everything. I baby him so much. If he needs something from the store or his medicine I go get it. I take care of his bookwork for his restaurant. I wash his clothes and dishes. I mean I do anything that he asks. And I believe that if I were gone that he would miss me-or maybe he would just miss what that I do for him-No, I don't really believe that. What can I do to see if he cares for me? Any advice.

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  • Nels N
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    1 decade ago
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    The only thing I can think of is jealousy and/or an ultimatum. Tell him another guy is looking good to you, but you don't want to act on it and be unfaithful to the man you love. Suggest that he could win your faithfulness by making more of a commitment himself.

    Sneaky? Maybe. Effective? Yes.

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