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How to avoid razor bumps...?

Ok, so I get razor bumps shaving my bikini line (not legs or armpits) Anyways, I want to shave all of my hair "down there" but i am afraid of getting bad razor bumps. Any suggestions how to avoid this?? Thanks!

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    I only get razor bumps when I shave for a few days in a row. Most of the time I wait at least a day in between shaving so I don't get razor bumps. I'd rather deal with a little stubble than terrible itchy razor rash! Shave with a new blade, use shaving cream, and wait until the end of your shower. (I don't know why the shower thing works, but I've read it in every magazine!) If I do get razor burn I apply Vaseline to my bikini area before I go to bed to help the irritation.

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