I bought a cd on itunes and i want to move it to a jump drive...?

I bought a cd on itunes, forgetting this computer cannot burn cds. Is there a way to put the songs onto a jump drive so i can take it to another computer and burn a cd? itried to log on to itunes on the other computer but it does not show my purchases.

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    Just put it on your ipod, then take it and connect it to the computer that has the CD burner. Or find the file and email it yourself. Then open itunes. You have to authorize the other computer. Go to "Advanced" on the menu bar and click on it. You just need to enter your username and password. I think you can do this to up to 5 computers.

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    It will show the purchases on the other PC

    Just log in then Transfer Purchases I did it before

    Downloaded all my songs

    But you can always just use Home Sharing and not need a Flash Drive

    It's a nice feature on iTunes it lets you use your music library anywhere

    I don't think you can burn songs... But you can right click on the songs you got from iTunes and go to Open in Windows Explorer or Finder if your on a Mac then copy those songs onto the flash drive

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    The other computer doesn't show any purchases because the files aren't on its hard drive.

    To put the songs on a flash drive, find the files on the hard drive, probably (My)Music>iTunes>iTunes Music>(artist)>(album). Insert the flash drive and when AutoPlay opens choose Open Folder to View Files. Create sub-folders there, if you wish. Now drag and drop from the computer to the flash drive. Safely eject before removing the flash drive.

    Insert the flash drive in the other computer. Now follow the steps in reverse, from flash drive to hard drive. Then drag and drop from the hard drive into iTunes, preferably into already-created playlists.

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    i tried to do the same thing, but it doesnt allow you to put it on a jump drive. i just dragged it on like you would any other file, but when you take out the jump drive and put it in another computer, its just an empty file. for example : youll have a song on itunes, and it will be 7 mb, but when you put it on the other computer, itll be a 0 mb file, and when you click it, it will say there are connection problems. according to the apple store, the only thing you can do is put the songs on your ipod, then connect the ipod to your other computer and kind of use your ipod as a jump drive itself. sorry :(

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  • 4 years ago

    no you dont. if it says you do than your pc has a difficulty. i used to purchase stuff off itunes earlier i ever had an ipod. yet, if/once you get an ipod, ascertain to maintain those songs on a cd, or they'll delete themselves.

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    no you dont. if it says you do than your pc has a project. i used to purchase stuff off itunes in the past i ever had an ipod. yet, if/once you get an ipod, verify to keep those songs on a cd, or they are going to delete themselves.

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    on the computer with itunes, go to your "my music" folder, look for an itunes folder, then a directory or some sort of library and there'll be more folders with artists names, then go to the folder with your album and copy+paste the files onto the jumpdrive.

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    if you got it on itunes then you cant put it on a cd or jump drive

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    well if the pc doesnt burn cds then ur arnt goin to brun one.....

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