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If I were to quit my job due to depression/anxiety issues, would I qualify for unemployment benefits?

I am a long time sufferer of depression/anxiety and over the last couple of months, things have gotten progressively worse - despite various attempts at treatment. It's to the point now where I am having a terrible time at work. I've been with this employer for over 10 years, and about 5 months ago I was promoted and given more responsibility. Fact is, at this point, I am not able to do the job, given my condition. If I were to quit (which I feel would be best for both me and my employer at this point), could I get unemployment? I know you have to be "able and willing" to work in order to qualify, but what if a medical condition keeps you from being "able" to work at your present (or a similar) job? I've considered FMLA, but that would be unpaid - which I can't really swing. My hope is that I could get benefits to tide me over for a while as I take some time to focus on straightening out my issues. Anyone ever find themselves in a similar sitaution? Any thoughts? Thanks so much for reading.

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    Unemployment Due To Depression

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    No, you would not receive unemployment benefits because you quit. You could appeal, but you won't win. Your are much better off getting a doctor to label you as disabled so that you can get compensation as a disabled worker. But that is another game, one with long reaching implications that your future is better off without. You would be surprised at how many people feel exactly the same way you do, but keep on doing it anyway.

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    No, you will have no chance at unemployment if you quit. You are going to need a letter from your doctor stating your depression prohibits your ability to work. Your employer will most likely want something of a similar nature to lef you use FMLA. Now, a suicide attempt would for sure get you eligible to use FMLA and quite possibly temporary disability... I do know that in order to get disability you have to be out of work for so long.... I think 2 weeks or a month. If you are doctor warranted crazy and unable to work permanently, then you could apply for SSI, but that will take forever.... you can't even remotely rely on that for a long time if you get it at all.

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    If you quit you are not eligible for unemployment... only if you were layed off or fired by through not fault of your own (ie stealing) Disability,,, maybe but you have have it proven, but if you do qualify it is retroactive so that may help as well.

    Source(s): Son is on disability and I'm on unemployment.... yeesh talk about living off the governemnt I hate it. SO as long as you can support yourself do it, unemployment is crappy!
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    No,however you may quality for disability pending a doctor's review/diagnosis.. Unemployment is for people who are able to work,but cannot find work or were fired due to lay offs etc..

  • Disability

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    If you can go to your doc. and see if you can get in with a psychiatrist tell them whats going on. You can be put on Temporary Disability. Your doc is the one who signs you off for it. its only temp. but it will give you a chance to focus on you and maybe some therapy. Good luck to you.

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    you would not get unemployment but with the help of your doctor and others you might be able to get disability even if it is temporary.

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