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How do i learn to sing well at age 15?

i love to sing, i started song writing when i was 13, but because of lack of support chilled out on the singing but now im 15 and i finally am getting serious. ive been doing simple vocal exercises such as the ones on eric arcenux youtube video but i still need work. how can i lear to sing well so i can get confident and sing in front of my school and familly, i am very shy when it comes to singing cause i have no support..not even from my family. Anyone know some tips and exercises that can help me learn im joining chores next year but i wanna be somewhat confident and decent by that point. I can sing pop and r&b although my voice is somewhat unique i need to make it stronger. Can anyone help me.

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    go ahead and join a vocal class at your school, i didn't have any confidence what so ever and, to be honest, i did not know how to carry a tune! but i joined my school vocal class and learned how to keep my voice under control and was confident in singing with the rest of the group when we did concerts, it's less nerve racking when you're on stage with people from you school and you can try out for the solo's in the songs so you can have your two minutes of fame and you'll be more comfortable since you're not the only one on stage. =] hope that helps! it helped me a lot!!

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    Well Sam, that's a good question, do you have talent? If you do then your doing great and should keep a singing routine or even get lessons and practice, practice, and practice, but if you fear you suck then make sure with an instructor at school or something to check if everything is right like: your vocals and if you have talent and ur gonna sing here is some things to get away from:

    Orange or Citruis, Asprin or pain killers, and exess speaking. :) Good Luck on Singing

    :) :) :)

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    Well like your first answer is correct go to a class but it is going to take a while to get a good singing voice when you haven't been practicing for a long time I discovered my voice at age 5 now I'm 13 and i sing like someone older than 13

    but just practice real hard then you will get better :)

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    ok im 12 and I can sing really good. I started when I was 6 and loved it ever since. Just keep working at it and youll be awsome. sing in front of ure bff and then work ure way up.

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    Don't drink soda or eat peanut butter - it messes with your throat. If you can you should get vocal lessons :) And sing alot to strengthen your voice :)

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    go to a singing class duh

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