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Is it ok if I just feed my betta blood worms?

I can't get him to eat anything else. I try the pellets and flakes and he'll grab the pellet and spit it out.... I know that blood worms aren't the most nutritious thing but i don't want him to starve. How can I get him to eat the pellets?


I think it may be the pellets, it's a cheap Walmart brand called wardley. I'm gonna buy him some hikari ****. **** cheap food.

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    Blood worms are great for a varied diet. Try another brand of pellets because bettas can be picky over the brand. Try to find one with more meat than other ingredients.

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    My guess is that he will eventually eat the flakes or pellets if he is hungry enough.I've never had a fish that was a picky eater though XD

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    you can try making them smaller by crushing them with a hammer in a plastic bag or you can soak them in water a little while before you feed him. if you only feed him blood worms he will love you but he will eventually die from lack of vitamins

    Source(s): i did this with my betta when he wouldnt eat pellets
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