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i have been living in s florida for a long time. any ideas on where to move where weather is cooler?

also low crime rate and small town, friendly people, possibly farm area?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    How about the Fargo, ND area? (You did say cooler!!!!!) I've lived in the area for 9 years now and I really like it. Yes, the winters can be brutal, but before you move on to the next response consider this:

    - the crime rate is extremely low, usually ranking among the lowest in the country. (When a convenience store gets held up in town, it makes the evening news, sometimes with live on-the-spot reports from TV reporters!)

    - The people are helpful and friendly, if somewhat reserved. When my car wouldn't start one evening, I almost had several strangers fighting over the opportunity to help me out by giving me a boost.

    - Job opportunities are numerous. It's a regional medical center, three universities, and lots to offer for its small size (about 140,000 people). Just about everybody in town comes from a farm background, so there's a good work ethic in the community.

    - Plus - houses are affordable. You can still buy a brand new starter home for under $150,000 - and older homes for even less.

    Just get past the "cold" thing and you've got probably one of the nicest places to live. However, that "cold" thing is quite a major factor for many people. It makes for great snowmobiling and ice fishing - something you might find that you like very much if you give it a try.

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    Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    It's the 2nd largest city in Indiana. It's not a crazy city like Chicago.

    It's 3 hrs from Chicago, 20 mins from Ohio's border, 4 hrs from Kentucky and an hr from Michigan.

    It's a cool place with awesome festivals (Johnny Appleseed festival - hundreds of thousands flock to the 2 day event every year.. my favorite festival.. and there's just so much more that I won't have room to say!) that are amazing!

    Fort Wayne has a lot of farmland around the outskirts of the city.

    .. But you did say "cooler" so I dunno if Fort Wayne would be ok for you. It's more like freezing here in the winter. In fact, all this week, it's supposed to be 30 degrees at night. The winters are HORRIBLE.. we get black ice, blizzards, crazy snow storms, ice storms.. the temperature drops down to -20 most winters WITH a severe wind chill!

    Fort Wayne DOES have a low crime rate and the people are friendly. It's the city of restaurants, churches, and ... I forgot what else. Ha ha.

    Do Google it, though! It's pretty cool.

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    1 decade ago

    Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    When I visited that place I was bored as hell. But it's got that small town feel, not sure about the farms probably just a lot of cheese, and I felt safe.

    And it's definitely cooler there. A lot cooler.

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    1 decade ago

    There are only about 10,000 places like that. I don't know where to start.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it is not the heat , it is the humidity go to arizona or s cali

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