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How do i make my eyes look like an asian?

My sister said she wants to be asian. For halloween...


No, she is a big anime fan, i dont mean to offend anyone here, sorry for the "an".

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    Apply liquid black eyeliner on the upper lid of your eyes. Apply it close to your eyelashes as possible. It can create the illusion of "cateye- hazel shaped eyes" - oriental eyes. If you need to apply eyeshadow... choose a light color --skin tone or silver.

    <---- asian

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    Well I hear that people immutate our eyes by wearing major cat taile eyeliner on top lid ONLY and only liquid

    ohh and as close to lashes as ppossible

  • Anonymous
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    mm wow..that kind of offends me cus i'm asian. buhtt..i guess you could wear cat-eye eyeliner cus that makes your eyes look exotic (: and if you're going for the geisha look i guess you could wear like pale powder and red liipstick? idk .

  • 1 decade ago

    haha your weird

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