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Im so annoyeddddd????

So like, a few months ago I cut my hair above my shoulders, like. Chin length. Well, I gotta say.. I HATE IT! It looks horrible! it makes my face look fat and I look horrible in pictures. Its starting to grow out a little, now its just about at my shoulders. Its frustrating trying to make it look nice, I cut it like 4 months ago and its still just alittle bit longer! How much longer do you think itl take to get it below my collar bone?!


HK: Im not whining. Guess what, I dont look just like you, so oviously I wont look as great as you think you look.

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    that all depends. how are you treating your hair? if it is damaged, it could take up to a year! if its healthy, probably like 3, maybe 4 months tops. take vitamins for your hair. it will make it grow a lot faster! oh, and dont brush it to often. if you brush it to often, it will cause your hair to become damaged. and, unless you have a heat protectant, dont straighten it! also, i once had a horrible haircut that made my face look fat, and what i did was i curled it! even if your hair is naturally curly, try maybe soft waves. but dont forget to use a heat protectant! i reccomend paul mitchells super skinny serum. you can get it at your local hair parlor. also, to make your face look skinnier, maybe try some eyeliner.



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    Im not sure, but i dont think it would take as long as a year..

    it really depends on how fast your hair grows,

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    your hair grows about a 1/2 in. per month.. make sure if you are straighting it or blowdrying your using protector so it doesnt burn the ends of your hair.

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    depends how fast your hair grows, for me it might be about 2 months but it is probably different for you

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    stop whining. I cut my hair, then I realized short are better cause then I use less shampoo and get less knots.

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    if you dont wanna wait... you can just get a hair weave or just get extentions.... its kinda costy but if your up for it do it

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    probably like a yearrr but you can get extesionsss....i wouldnt do it tho

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