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Almost 19 and still a virgin.?

Ok im 19 this month and still a virgin. I'm not one of those lads thats just gunning for it and I have turn down sex in the past. I was completely heart broken when my best mate (girl) slept with the only person I ever asked her not to lead on unless she was serious about liking him. I'd picked up the pieces for 3 of her relationships and I weren't gonna do a 4th. I fancied her for so long and she knew it. We'd slept in the same bed together and everything but I told her I wasn't gonna do anything less were in a relationship and believe me she asked on more than one occasion but for her it was just for fun. So now I've lost 2 of my mates and all cause I didn't want to have sex for the sake of it. So sob story's aside, would it put off a girl if your boyfriend or someone you were interested in was a virgin at 19?


Just for the record... I've got a job... I'm on good pay as well. I'm a projectionist at a cinema so I make a good money PLUS free films!

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    Be proud that you have morals & did not jump on any girl just for your own pleasure. Too many guys are just trying to get some & you want it to be in a meaningful relationship. Good for you! The girl who dates you will be very lucky to have you. Just be proud you did not use & hurt girls!

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    Well, no I wouldn't care. as long as you were a good guy (seem like you are) and i knew you loved me. simple as that. actually i would think it was good because i would know you were a decent person and had a heart, just like you showed answering my question, so thanks ;)

    Girls are so stupid sometimes so don't feel bad, she just didn't deserve you and I think you're pretty cool. You also just haven't found the right person yet, and when you do she will accept you for you and not care about your past, or what you've done or haven't done. I would love you for you and accept everything about you, anyone who doesn't is not worth you time of day and you deserve better than them anyway. You shouldn't ever change yourself for anyone, compromise, but never change your morals and what you believe in, good people are hard to find and you seem like one of the good ones. Any real girl, would be lucky to have you!!! And I just hate guys who pressure a girl for that one thing, unless you love someone, just don't play with their heart and use them, with a one track mind. That's what I would want, loving someone fully has to come before anything else :)

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    Nope I am a girl and would think it was kind of sweet that they were still a virgin at 19. The only way I would be put off is if the guy was over 30 and a virgin I would then think that there is something wrong with him.

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    I actually know women in their late teens and early 20's who are also virgins and would love to find a boyfriend who also was, it is not a bad thing at all. Wait for the right person. You will be glad you did and so will she.

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  • All I can tell you is, you did the right thing.

    And she can't be a very good friend if she left you if you didn't want to/weren't ready to have sex.

    It's good that you aren't gunning for it and you can control your testosterone levels.

    Seriously, I'm only 13, but I know enough to tell you you're doing the right thing.

    Good luck with everything.


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    I'm 18 and a virgin, and I'd love a guy who is 19 and a virgin.

    I've declined it as well...I don't think it should be something you do just for the sake of it either..

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    If someone is really interested in you, they wont care if you're a virgin or not. I wouldn't care if i was dating someone that was a virgin at 19 though.

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    Why should it? It's the person that matters, not their sex life. People will say otherwise, but that's just society making them shallow. There's nothing wrong with it, it's a personal choice.

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    i think it's sweet that you're kind of saving yourself for someone who really cares for you, instead of having sex just for the sake of having sex like a lot of guys do

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    Nope. There's not many guys like you around. If she dumped you because you were a virgin. you need a new girlfriend.

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