iPod touch question. Knowlegable people PLEASE. 10 points for best answer?

I got the knew 3rd gen ipod touch with the 3.1 but when i try to downgrade to get 3.0 (because i want a softwhere that only works with 3.0 or lower) but when i try to do that everything is fine until i get an 20 error message or something like that does anyone know how to pass this so i can down grade 10 points best answer

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    32GB or 64GB iPod touch 3rd Generation just making sure

    The 8GB iPod touches are 2nd generation

    Anyways the iPod touch 3rd Generation can't be downgraded nor can any other iPod touches/iPhones (unless you saved the SHCH thingy on Cydia you might not even know what that means)

    Because it allows users to jailbreak their iPod so you can't downgrade

    Apple isn't signing them anymore

    If you get Error 1015 then that means it downgraded but it Apple didn't sign it

    It's easy to get out of the Recovery Mode (iTunes logo and USB after downgrading)

    But that won't show if you have a 3rd Generation iPod touch (32GB and 64GB models)

    You can't downgrade yet with the new iPod touch 3rd Generation so


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