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Yellowish gooey stuff oozing from my cut HELP!!?

A few days ago i was messing around with knives and i cut my hand it didn't hurt and nothing happend then yesterday i was looking at it and it started oozing this like yellowish goop it looked like water not blood can someone help me?????

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    well i might be wrong but i doubt it its a 99% chance im wrong but that yellow thing is called plasma its what helps you make a scar theres two plasmas this one the most known one the other one is nothing related to this

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    Sounds like you have minor infection in your wound. Clean it carefully with soap and water and apply an antibiotic ointment then bandage the wound. A thing to consider if the wound is not very deep and is not in area irritated by clothing or likely to get dirty you don't have to bandage it. this helps keep the wound dry. If it would otherwise be irritated or get dirty bandage it and let it dry out out a little before reapplying another bandage. Try to keep your wound clean and use anti-biotic ointment to help it heal. IF it does not clear up in a few days you should check with a doctor in case you have a more serious infection that would need treatment with anti-biotics.

    Check these two links for better information.

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