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I need help about this teacher?

I need help! last june I quit school because I couldnt take it anymore i was in depression and sick emotionally. The reason I quit school was because I had feelings for my teacher and I tried everything to ignore her. But then I started school this september and suddenly she came back to replace another teacher. It was friday october 9th 2009 that I saw her at school, she kept stoping me to talk with me I even looked away and she kept looking through my face...first break I was about to meet up my friends but she stopped me and spoked to me she said hello how was ur summer she kept asking questions...just to talk to me and she has a bf thats what she said then i after second period i wanted to show couple of pics to my teacher and she was beside me and touched my shoulder , she made me feel nervous...but kept showing the pictures... then after class ended I said bye just to be nice and she says stuff we will see eachother again beauty and i said why she said when ill replace...i said ok bye..then after school she came and talked to me and said i was still at school i said yeah im with friends... cuz last june she gave her email to me ...she is a woman... and also last year she rubed my leg once while we had a conversation...i dont know if its all my imagination or she is trying to give me hints ...its like im her favourite ...please someone help me get through this to forget about her... i dont know why but i feel something strong when im near her but i try not to

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    I think your teacher's behavior is unprofessional. She should not touch you in any way and she should not rub you legs. If she is a licensed educator, she should know better. Some school districts don't train substitute teachers, so they may not know any better and are trying to be a friend. You should report her behavior to your parents first, then principal and/or the guidance counselor. If you don't get any results, take this matter to the school board. There are teachers who try to molest students and have relationships with students in the schools.

    I am personally sick of turning on the television and learning of another sicko teacher who has found a way to have a relationship with a minor child to fulfill some adolescent fantasy of theirs.

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    i would talk to a counsler and the principal

  • wow um i dont know what to say /sorry

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