Does my BF still like his ex?

Ok, so my BF and I have been going out for 3 months. We are close to perfect together. The only issue is that he parties a lot and smokes weed multiple times everyday. We got in a huge multi day fight the other night, which led to our break up. (Neither of us saw that coming as we were perfect the day before) Anyways, about 5 minutes after we broke up, he went right on Facebook and changed his status as "married" to single. Within seconds his ex of 4 years (they broke up in May) IM ed him on facebook, they hung out the next day (he told me all this) Two nights after we broke up he called me and we got back together that next day. He admitted everything to me, and says it was just friendship and he wanted to rebuild burnt bridges.......

His ex trashed his car and has been talking to my family telling them lies about my BF to get them to not accept him, which was working for a while

He says that he just wanted all that to stop and he will not talk to her any longer. But I am still sort of puzzled why he hung out with her, and am dying to know what was said although he said the convo was erased automatically. Did I mention she is drop dead gorgeous and I am "Ok" lol but yeah, should I question it or leave it alone?? We seem to be perfect once again, Idk what to think.

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    I can completely understand why you're jealous and burning with curiosity. I would be SOOOO jealous too in your situation. But as a third person with no emotional connection at all with the matter i can say pretty confidently that it doesn't matter. Maybe he was just trying to get you jealous because he wanted to get back with you because he loves YOU. Which he does. remember, he is dating YOU, not some ex-girlfriend of his who he broke up with? Either way, their relationship didn't work out. Even though he MIGHT still have feelings for this girl, they are nothing compared to what he feels for you. Take comfort in the fact that right now, he loves YOU more than anyone else.

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    Okay so he was with his ex for four years? How soon after that did you two get together because if the two of you hooked up quickly after that your basically a rebound. That aside, they were together for four years and I am sure they have a strong connection to each other. I am not trying to burst your bubble here but it's not a good sign when the minute you two break up, he goes back immediately to his ex. She sounds like she is waiting for him to come back to her because she was so ready to be there for him after you two broke up. I wonder why she trashed his car though. My speculation is that he might have told her something that she wanted to hear or maybe made her feel like he wanted to be with her and now she is upset. Ask the questions that you need to ask. I personally think that something sexual might have happened when they were together and now she is upset. I think you could do better, he sounds like a douche.

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    just drop it and leave it alone

    the only thing that matters is that he is with you now

    u and him were having problems so he wanted attention from somebody else not just a friend somebody he knows still had feelings for him

    oh yea & thats how I was with my boyfriend, like I thought his ex was prettier than me

    but a relationship isn't all based on looks there called ex's for a reason

    who you are in the inside is most important,but of course u have to have some type of attraction

    have you ever notice that u might like somebody but you once you get to see what there like that determines if you really like them or if he was jus a pretty face

    well thats my opinion lol

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    i does not carry her to blame for what got here approximately with you ex bf. supply her the income of the doubt till she grants reason to not believe her. I advise i does not be telling each and every little thing and something yet as far as you may tell she went interior the process the comparable ingredient and you adult males might desire to possibly improve an exceptionally great friendship because of the fact of it. Your ex is the asshole and you will possibly desire to not blame her for what got here approximately. Like I reported, till she grants a reason to be upset or mad at her... be acquaintances!

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    for now, i wouldn't worry about it. you guys are back together, and you're somewhat happy. if it ever comes to the point where you need to know what was said and why they hung out, you should ask. but right now you guys are just starting new. you guys weren't dating when he hung out with his ex, so i wouldn't really worry about it. plus he's with you right now. so all's good. good luck. : )

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