I need help finding the right java jdk?

I have a lot of free time on weekends so I just wanted to slowly start learning java for fun. Every website I visit tells me to download Java JDK at www.java.sun.com

but I am having problems finding what to do next. I downloaded SE, EE, and still I dont see a 'text editor' to start writing code. Can someone help me please? Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    use "Eclipse"

    download it from:


    download the file that says eclipse classic(which ever version)

    I use it myself.

    Find eclipse in the program files, go to the launcher and create a shortcut on desktop.

    Open eclipse and First close all the tabs except the package explorer.

    to start writing code

    go to the package explorer right click, click on create "project". Then right lick on the project and click create "package".Then right click on that create new "class" when naming the class you can chose to include"public static void main(String[])" when it creates the class to save it bit of work

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