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What do you think of the name Damian?

Do you like the name Damian? Does it make you think of the child in "The Omen" movies? I've heard people say it reminds them of the movie or they think of the devil or demons. Do you have a negative association with the name? Would you use it for your child?

Also which spelling do you prefer: Damian or Damien?


Melinda; Thanks for the info. I'm kind of surprised it survived.

Paige: Gracee is adorable, go with it!

(((C@H))): Daniel is my all time favorite boy's name! Lately I've just started to like Damian. It makes me think of St. Damien of Molokai.

Thanks to everyone who has answered. It's interesting to hear everyone's opinions. I wonder if the next generation with have any of these associations with the name.

Update 2:

Erin: Thanks! I like it too, but I have to's not my real name. Someone was already using my name when I created my account, so I went with Mara, which I've always liked.

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    I named my son Damian back in 1988. At first I was concerned about the way it was portrayed in the movie, but my Doctor in Brooklyn said to spell it Damian as that is portrayed as the saint of physicians, not the devil as other believe.

  • I like the name quite a bit. I personally prefer the spelling Damien, but either works and is legitimate. I don't really have any negative associations with the name besides this one guy I knew by the name who was kind of a jerk, but I've never seen the movie "The Omen" so maybe that's why. It's just a movie though, and there are bad characters named lots of things in lots of movies.

  • Damian/Damien is a gorgeous masculine boys name. I love it. No it doesn't remind me of the child from The Omen. That is just a movie. Also it has no negative associations. I laugh at the people who are frightened of the name. It's funny because they are so pathetic.

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    Been there done that. I wanted a D boys name and love Damien but the movie ruined it for me. I bet after the movie was made it's popularity went down. I'll search google & get back if I find anything.

    ADD: Looks like around the time of the movie it took a dip in popularity but suprisingly it survived. Take a look. THe same for Damien.

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    I think it's a very cute name & yes I would use it 4 my child. I like the spelling Damien better. As far as associating the name with the devil,

    The Greek name Damian means - tamer; soother*** I say use it

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    I think of Damien Rice, whose music I love. No bad associations. I like the name. It's different but it's not weird. I prefer the spelling Damien.

    By the way, I love your name too. Mara is one of my favorite "unusual but not weird" names for a girl!

  • It does make me think of the boy from The Omen. But I still like it. My boyfriend wanted to name our child that. But I had different names.

    I like the name though a lot. I would spell it Damien.

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    I absolutely LOVE that name! I have 2 little girls, and each time I was pregnant, Damien(that spelling) was a definite name we had picked out for incase it was a boy. AND I was being induced on 6-6-06, I still didn't care. It's a freaking movie. Each time I was pregnant, everyone tried to talk me out of it, they say "oh don't name your baby that, it's the devil's name!"

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    Gracie Lee Freebush

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    people are always going to have something negative to say, oh it remind them of something bad, tell them get over it, until they carry your child, and support him or her, their say doesn't matter boys are named braylen and laiken, everyone says braylen is too close to branden and laiken is a girls name....w/e lol i make them, carry them and name them what i like, im pregnant again, waiting to verify that it is a girl on thursday, and hers will be gracee and everyone tells me it reminds them of gracie lee freebush from miss congeniality, and if they went to school with her they'd tease her b/c gracee freebush is clumsy and dumb, but oh well i like the name and by the time my child is in school that movie will be unheard of by her generation. damien is cute & different...only what you think ultimately matters....good luck

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