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Revolver that uses .38 and....?

I have been in the market for a pistol (revolver) and I did some research a while ago, and I came across a revolver, I think it was a .38 special, but it could fire a .38 round AND a .357 round because the physical round size is the same. Am i thinking correctly ? Isn't there a revolver or pistol that can fire both a .38 and another type of round ?

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    What you have is a .357 mag. You can shoot .38 in a .357, but you can't shoot a .357 in a .38. The cartridge case of the .357 mag is longer and will not chamber in the .38 cylinder for safety's sake.

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    The .38 and the .357 bullets are both actually .357 in diameter. The .38 special has a shorter case length than the .357 magnum and is less powerful. If the gun you looked at would chamber both, it is a .357 magnum.

    It is confusing when they name a cartridge a certain size when in actuality is has a different physical dimension. For example, a 44 special and 44 magnum measure .429; like the .38 measuring .357.

    I agree with the previous post to get the .357 because it will chamber and fire both the .38 special and the .357 magnum. Just more flexibility than the .38 only guns.

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    #1 a 357 magnum will fire a 38 special...and it will fire a 38 long colt and a 38 (short) colt. It will NOT fire 38 S&W as the round is a little bit to big in diameter

    #2 38 special, more fully called 38 S&W special will fire a 38 long colt and a 38 colt. Even thought the 38 S&W special was invented by smith and wesson who had their own 'regular' 38, the 38 S&W, the rounds are not compatable. Truth is a lot more people were buying 38 long colt guns, but most importantly, the military was using 38 long colt. So Smith and Wesson decided to improve the more popular round. They considered calling it 'extra long' but decided to call it 'special' instead.

    357 magnum is too long to fit in a 38 special. Note, some very old 38 specials might be able to fit a 357 magnum in it, but it will blow the gun up. 38 S&W is too big in diameter to fit.

    #3 38 S&W can only shoot 38 S&W. 38 Specials and 357 magnums are too long to fit. 38 long colt and 38 short colt will fit length wise, but are too small to fully seal, you will get a ton of backblast and the bullet will come out with very little velocity, you might as well throw the bullet at the target.

    #4 38 Long Colt can shoot 38 longs or 38 short colts. 38 S&W is too big in diameter. 38 special and 357 magnums are too long

    #5 38 colt. It was the first invented. the term 38 short colt was only created when the 38 long colt came out. The 38 "short" colt can only shoot 38 colt ammunition.

    In the same Vein...

    460 magnums can also shoot 454 casull and 45 'long' colt and 45 schofield

    454 casull can also shoot 45 'long' colt and 45 schofield

    45 colt got the name 'long' to distinguish it from 45 schofield, a shorter round it can also shoot.

    45 schofield can only shoot 45 schofield.

    44 magnum can also shoot 44 special

    44 special can only shoot 44 special

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    A 357 magnum will fire a .38 special cartridge but a .38 special won't fire a 357. Buy a 357 magnum and get the best of both worlds.

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    Shooting a 38 Special in a 357 Magnum= Yes.*.....* Shooting a 357 Magnum in a 38 Special= No*.

    Source(s): * Run like a Deer.*......................Fly like an Eagle.*~~
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    As others have said, you could fire 38s in a 357 but not 357s in a 38.

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    All .357 magnum revolvers can fire .38 special. Just not the other way around.

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    Any revolver chambered in .357 magnum will also chamber and safely fire the .38 special cartridge. But not the other way around.

    shoot safe

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    The 2 rounds are not the same. A .357 won't fit in a 38spl gun but, a 38spl will fit a .357mag gun. Its(.357) a little longer and will not fit in the cylinder of a .38spl.

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