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pH levels for the small and large intestine? someone that knows what they're talking about?

I have searched everywhere for the pH levels for the small and large intestine. Everyone is saying different things. Could I please have the information from someone with a degree or knows what they're talking about? Thanks.

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    Ok, the pH levels of chime (digestive mixture) range between 2 -3 in the stomach. This level of pH is too high for the small intestine to endure. The pancreas releases a digestive enzyme to raise the pH to between 5 -6. As it progresses through the GI tract, the pH will again rise in the large intestine to somewhere typically between 6 - 8,

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    By changing the pH one is able to activate various enzymes. for instance pepsinogen, the inactive form of pepsin (used to break down proteins), is present when the pH is high and pepsin is when the pH is low (aka when in the presence of HCL) thus one avoids digesting your own stomach. thus the proteins are denatured and trypsin/chymotrypsin take over, these enzymes operate at a much higher pH, about 8. So the 'acid chyme mixture' must be neutralized, via bicarbonate. The stomach lipases also operate optimally around 8, then eventually the pH drops back to about 7 and is defecated. hope that was somewhat helpfull, n8

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    small intestine pH 6-6.5

    large intestine pH 5.5-7.0

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