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Why little flags on lawns warning of pesticide spraying? Why would anyone pesticide a lawn?

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  • obe
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    Around here, the little white flags are a way to train a new puppy. It's part of a companies invisible fence concept. Trains the puppy to stay within it's own yard.

    No company in our area puts out flags to warn of yard pesticide spraying.

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    some wise folks put out the 'pesticide' flags as a way of throwing a BIG HINT to people who let their dogs out to crap in the yards of other people, that the pesticide might just make their dog sick and they'd better keep them off the yard!!..... sometimes it works.... (even if there's no pesticide on the yard..really)...... and if there WAS something sprayed there, then it's very nice of the folks to give the warning......

  • Hondu
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    1 decade ago

    Pesticide is a general term to include insecticides, nematicides, herbicides, and fungicides. People put the warning flags out as an act or courtesy.

  • GT
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    1 decade ago

    as mentioned by the public, at least the person is being polite and decent to warn the public who may be allergic to the spray, guess you wil agree.

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  • cdpaso
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    to kill insects that spread disease in people like ticks, fleas and mosquitos

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ants, grubs.

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