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What should I do about this guy?? ( 10 pts) PLz read?

Ok, so there's this fat, unattractive guy in my physics class. He's very overweight, wears old dirty clothes, wears crooked glasses, and his mouth is mishapen ( lips set too high and a permanent frown even when he's happy). His hair is greasy and overdue for a cutting. It's not all his weight. I've seen fat guys that are prettyu cute. But this dude had NOTHING going for him. Anyway, I'm pretty hot and I like to try to be a good person. So I started talking to him. He fell fast and started following me around everywhere. I even picked him up to go to the beach last weekend and we walked around talking for hours. I'm so nice to him. We sit together at lunch and are always lab partners. I always tell him about how every guy in the school is in love with me and how I've turned down everyone. I put on makeup in front of him and laugh whenb he questions why. I complain about my exes to him, text him all the time. Anyawayy, I felt really proud of myself. Befriending a gross unpopular guy. Well, his good friend (my ex boyfriend/best friend) informed me yesterday that this fat guy is getting ready to ask me out. I'm pissed off. How can he even think for one minute I'm within his league??? I thought I was doing a good deed by being his friend!!! What do I do????

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    You're a B. There are no leagues. However, it was really nice for you to befriend him. It doesn't sound like you were leading him on, but did you tell him that you weren't looking for anything? Just tell him nicely without being mean that you're not interested in him that way. If he's really your friend, he'll understand. But if he's an A then be prepared to never speak to him again.

    That was hypocritical, I'm a B, too. We all have our degrees of shallowness. But, the fact that you called it a 'good deed' might not be very nice.

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    omg i go through this alllllllll the timee .... if he asks u out just tell him ur not looking for a relationship or that u already have a bf oor that u are better off as friends .. thats what i always saay.

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    turn him down like you turned the other guys down and say " I like you as a friend" which basically means you are ugly.

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