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Matt asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Getting rid of don't ask don't tell?

I don't see how this is going to work. But yet again, I don't see how most of what Obama does is going to work. Why would anyone want to be openly gay in the military anyway? What could possibly be the motivation for anyone to take on this issue, does he think gay people will start voting Republican if he doesn't?

The only thing I know for sure, is the military would just have to hate Obama.

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    It will still take Congress to change the LAW. DADT is only a policy.

    Congress will change it when the American people say they are ready for a change.

    I haven't heard of any overwhelming cry from around the country for a change to the law.

    Source(s): Retired AF SNCO
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    I have nothing against the LGBT community, but I just don't see how this is going to work well and I don't know if it's a smart idea. While equality and fairness should be a goal for everyone, sometimes it is easier said than done. Currently, even straight women don't have equal rights (i.e. women in the Navy cannot serve on a submarine with men), and there are valid reasons for this kind of separation.

    If Obama, the Pentagon and Congress were to lift the DADT policy, it would open up a HUGE can of worms.

    There would be issues regarding partners and a gay servicemember's dependency status. Gay marriage is a contentious issue still, with no clear end in sight, and I am sure that by removing the DADT policy, there would be tons of contention over whether gay servicemembers can include a partner as a dependent and receive with-dependent pay, BAH and BAS for the dependent, relocate their partner to be with them at their duty stations, and healthcare coverage for dependents. There might be increased hazing and there may be discrimination if gay servicemembers are to come out. Policies cannot always control people, and there are some in the military who are seriously homophobic and might decide to "take matters into their own hands". This would likely bring up issues of segregation--should gay servicemembers be separated from straight servicemembers? Would this have a negative effect on teamwork and morale? This is a far-ranging decision that will impact tons of aspects of military life, and is one that should not be considered lightly. I am not for discrimination, but I am also not for making decisions solely on a "feel-good" basis, and this issue clearly has many complex layers that need to be carefully thought out before any decision is reached.

  • From his downward numbers I would say he is losing ground on the re-election trail...this is just another nail in the coffin. I sure as hell did not think anyone could do worse than Pres. Carter. I want Pres. Clinton back! He did more Republican things than many Republican Presidents have.

    The moron has no freaking idea just how large a can of worms he is getting into or how many dead this will produce especialy in the Navy. Will the transvestites get to wear skirts and have the attitude fits I see in SF. While many could perform well it's the "flaming" ones that will cause all the trouble. Once you open the door you get both normal functioning and the not so normal.

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    I'm all for equal right and all and I have nothing against gays or anything. I personally just think It won't work. I just think it's gonna cause a lot more problems within units. Gay people in the military now might be getting mocked and made fun of a lot and there's just gonna be a lot of harassment going on. It's hard for me to put what i'm trying to say into words. I'm pretty bad with that.Then when the Queeny gays start coming in it's gonna get worse for the gay people. I just say keep it the way it is. Don't ask don't tell is fine. We all pretty much know who's gay in our units anyways.

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    I can't imagine why Obama would want to start a campaign about total disclosure. He benefits greatly from a press that refuses to ask the tough questions and his license to ignore the public when they ask.

    On more than one occasion, Obama has said things that make ignorant people believe he can change the law or the Constitution at a whim. This is not the case. Some times I don't think even Obama understands that even he is not capable of changing a law overnight. But then, this is a man who has, by his own admission, visited all 57 states and plans to be president for "at least eight to ten years."

    He's a moron. Don't try to make any sense of anything he does.

    It's likely just a screen to divert attention from God-only-knows-what he's done now.

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    its congress' selection, no longer obama's. i comprehend you havent served yet yet heres why your good judgment on that's improper: once you artwork with somebody 5 days each week, 12 hours an afternoon (or extra if your in the sphere or deployed) you comprehend each thing approximately them interior of a month. and by ability of each thing i do propose each thing: the place they're from, what kin they have, favourite in spite of, what they hate, political ideals, what they drink, what they consume, what sort of girls people (or adult adult males) they like, and their sexual selection. so on the point the place its extremely going to make any distinction, that's the decrease eschelons: each physique already is attentive to who's gay and who isnt, and wager what? there hasnt been any substantial matters yet. all that lifting the ban will do is effect in a set of "no **** sherlock"s whilst somebody does come out of the closet...and life is going to flow on as that is been for that unit. if something, it could sell the militia fee of integrity with the aid of fact then servicemen dont would desire to lie approximately it, and one good ingredient with regard to the militia antagonistic to the civilian sector is that when it comes all the way down to it, you're dealt with thus to how nicely you do your activity, no longer your perspectives.

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    I am trying really hard to love Obama in the White House but he's leaving a lot to be desired. Getting rid of the DADT policy is NOT a good idea. I al all for gay rights but this is really opening up an can of worms that has no place in the military. He needs to leave it as is. The policy was put in place for a reason and he needs to leave it alone.

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    Just another Obama political ploy. I'll agree with gays coming out of the closet in the military when latrines and shower rooms go co-ed. If some fag can get his or her jollies watching straights taking showers or going potty then straights should have the same privileges by getting their jollies taking showers with the gals.

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    1 decade ago

    Being in the Marines, why would I want to be out in the Field, or in a fighting hole with some one that might be having sexual thoughts about me? Why should I have to be put in that position? Because its the nice thing to do? F that! Call me a homophob, I don't care.

    Source(s): Myself, 3 years USMC.
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    It isn't going to work.

    it is political posturing for the Gay Lobby.

    Yet MORE Tyranny of the minority.

    ADD ON: Obama would gain popularity if he said things like:

    "I want to encourage legal Gun ownership among law abiding citizens"

    "Parents go back to raising their chiildren within the bounds of marriage and express the importance of God on a daily basis, in our Judeo-Christian Society."

    He would transform his popularity into the high 90's.

    Instead he spouts BS like this. What a waste...

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