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I am so fed up with my parents being so strict. Should i turn into a dinosaur if i really have to.?

Ok im 18 and gonna be 19 soon and what my parents are strict about is having a girlfriend at that age. Im in college now. I told them that i know better not to do something to a girl that can screw up my life. I told them everything about that and they still said no. I heard lots and lots of people are in relationship in college and that what i even told my parents but they said (so what you are still not allowed to have a girlfriend). So they just being awfully strict unfair and way too over protective. Their is one girl i like and she likes me too and she is waiting for me to ask her out and she right for me. If i don't do it then i might lose my chance and it could screw up my life. I wanna turn into a dinosaur and scare them away is because i am so fed up with them being so strict about. I know thats little kids stuff but im just really pissed off. So should i turn into a dinosaur and scare them away and what type of dinosaur should i turn into

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    YES!! U have no choice bUT to turn into a dinosaur!!! its NOT OK! what they r DOING to u!!! they can RUIN ur LIFE!! U must scare them away by being a terridoctal and flyingg arund their house

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    First the stuff that you don't want to hear:

    It's not going to screw up your life if you don't go out with this girl.

    They probably want you to focus on your studies, which is completely legitimate.

    Their opinion should be important to you.

    Many people say (including my pediatrician who I appreciate and respect) that you should wait until the second year of college to have a relationship because people will change so much over the first year.

    Instead of going back and forth with your parents about why you should be able to have a girlfriend, ask them why they don't think you should wait.

    And now:

    Relationships are an important part of human nature and it's nice to have somebody that you care about and can explore with, so go for it.

    Your parents don't have to know (not recommended)

    You are an adult now and allowed to make your own decisions.

    I would say turn into a charcharodontosaurus, a predator so dense and powerful that it could take on the largest of the large dinosaurs.

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    Hi, hope I can help.

    Here's how I look at the situation. Your eighteen. It's not as though your asking to go out and get drunk every night. I think that you should let your parents read what responses you get to this question so they realize how silly and unreasonable they sound. You are legally an adult and may do as you please. Make sure you show them respect still though, since you live under their roof. Just politley say, I've found a girl who I really like, I disagree with you. I am legally and adult and feel I should be able to do as I please. It's my life, and if I mess it up, it's my mess. I know your just trying to protect me, but you need to let me live also.

    Best of Luck


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    Ask the girl out! You're 18, there's no reason for you not to interact with girls (especially one you really like) unless your parents are in some weird religious cult? - and that's them, not you!

    Unless you are technically mentally deficient and being cared for by your parents there's no reason for them to forbid you a normal life at 18?

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    If your 18 then you are an adult. Move out and get your own place and a good job! Do it quick while you still have all the answers!

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    t-rex. t-rex's are bad ***

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