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Girls, I need a little help.?

Okay, so I am deeply Absolutely head over heels for my best friends brother. He is in the grade ahead of me and two yrs. older then me. He can drive, i cannot. So, anyways, He has a girlfriend, and idk if they will break up soon or what, but please tell me what to do? do i need to tell my friend i like him? How do I get him to notice me? And, do I even have a chance? Will he not like me cause I am younger, were both on swim team together, and we also have a summer house literally five minutes apart, and see eachother during the summer. Thanks so much!

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    He's taken; move on.

  • Anonymous
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    you need to talk to your friend and see if its okay that you even talk to him. if it is then you need to talk to your parents about dating an older guy (that can be bad) then you can decide what to do from there. remember guys arent worth the friendships that you have already made.

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